Black Friday Shopping with #PersonalShopper by Shop Your Way


Fighting the holiday mall traffic can be stressful, which is why it would be great to come up with something to make shopping easier. All shopping adventures around this time of year can result in gray hairs and concert of musical car horns. The frustrating excitement heightens the most on Black Friday. If you are anything like me, you love getting up before the rooster crows, grabbing your extremely long and organized list, and booking it to your favorite stores. It is one of my most enjoyable days of the year because at the end of my shopping spree, I have racked up some amazing gifts! Not everyone is so chipper to wake up before the sun has even had a chance to start shining along with fighting through all the traffic and craziness that goes on during Black Friday. Most of the men in my family fall into this category. Shopping is their least favorite activity especially in a crowd, which brought me to my AHA! moment of becoming their very own personal shopper. I was in luck because I stumbled across an amazing online forum that allows you become one while adding your own clientele. Personal Shopper by ShopYourWay is a way to increase your the money in your pocket while helping out fellow dad’s, grandpa’s, and uncle’s everywhere.


It is super easy to use and fun at the same time. All you have to do is create your Personal Shopper account, grab your contact book, and start adding all of your closest friends and family members. While they start buying from some of Sears’ amazing products, you can create personalized catalogs to help with your client’s shopping experience.  For every qualifying purchase that is made, you will earn 1% commission. For every 20 clients or more that makes a purchase using their Shop Your Way membership number, you will earn an extra 1% commission for your piggy bank. Sign up this holiday season and help make shopping easier for others and continue to stay stress free.

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