Does Hair Loss Bother You?

Sexy Bald GuyI have a lot of friends and family whom hair loss is a pretty sensitive topic.  It is one of those subjects that quickly get changed whenever it’s brought up, and I always feel bad for the people who are so bothered by it.  Personally, I don’t see the big deal.  It’s something that occurs naturally, so I don’t see it as anything bad or wrong at all.   However, it really is up to the person experiencing the problem as to whether they let it get to them or not, so my opinion on the matter means very little.  I guess I just want people to know that in some cases, it doesn’t quite mean as much as they may think it does.

In any case, I think that the amount of medical strides taken to combat the hair loss issue is pretty impressive.  There are ways out there in which you can get hair back on your head if you really want to.  I like that.  I am all about personal choice.   I want people to be able to do whatever they want to be happy.  In previous decades, your options were pretty limited when it came to hair loss.  You could get a toupee, wear a hat all the time, or just shave your head in order to make yourself uniformly bald.  That last option always puzzled me.  You want to not look bald…by being bald?

Anyway, there are quite a few options out there these days, which can only be seen as a good thing.  Not only are there options available, they usually tend to get results.  Seriously, take a look at some Provillus reviews sometime.  There are quite a few happy campers out there with a healthy head full of new hair.  It is pretty amazing, and I think that if it gives even one person back the confidence they lost by going bald, it’s totally worth it.  While I’d argue that such measures didn’t need to be taken in the first place, there are people out there superficial enough to have that matter to them.

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