My Holiday Suprise

It’s been a hectic Christmas season this year. Just when we thought we were done shopping for the little one, we had a curve ball thrown our way. See, we took her to see Santa in a few different places this year, and the thing she has told Santa that she wants every time is the Disney Ultimate Dream Castle. Up until that point, we thought that we had done a pretty good job at getting all the things she wanted. After her unwavering request for the castle no matter which Santa she talked to, we figured we had better try and hunt it down lest we have a very disappointed little girl come Christmas morning.

After looking around at website after website, not only were we able to come through with the castle without breaking the bank (the thing is not cheap), but we also managed to get our hands on all of the princess dolls for it as well. We are extremely satisfied that we were able to get this done as quickly as we did, and we can not wait to see the look on her face on Christmas morning. Rest assured that I will have the camera ready!
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