Have you heard about nomorerack?  It’s an online, daily deal site, but it’s unlike any other daily deal site out there.  Nomorerack offers brand name, quality products at a fraction of the retail price!  Did I say fraction?  I mean up to 90% off!  Every day, at noon EST, their new deals go live, and they can sell out quick!  This is definitely a daily deal site that you’re going to have bookmarked and will be watching the clock every day just before noon so that you don’t miss out on some of the coolest deals on the internet!

Oh, and I forgot to mention their “Insanity Deals”.  They don’t tell you when these deals go live, but will you be happy if you’re on their site when they do.  They’ve had Luis Vuitton handbags go for under $20 (genuine, of course), Sony 52” HDTV’s for under $60, and Ipad’s for under $45. Insane products for insane prices.  Or check out their daily “Charity Deal”.  For every Charity Deal purchased each day, they donate $1 to the selected charity.  Boy are you going to sleep good at night knowing that you saved a bunch of money, and helped give back!

So that’s it, right?  Quality brands, low prices, every day?  Well, that’s not quite it.  They also have friendrack.  Your friends probably don’t just give you free products for being friends with them, right? Since you’re friends aren’t rewarding you for your friendship, why not let friendrack?  Refer your friends to nomorerack with your unique referral ID and you can earn free products!  Use Twitter, Facebook, Email, blog, carrier pigeon – whatever you can to get the word out.  The best part is that your friends don’t even have to make a purchase.  They only have to sign up for you to get credit! You can earn everything from earphones, to a PS3 to an iMac.  Again, quality, brand name products.  If it’s not good enough for them to sell on their site, then it’s not good enough to give away to you for free!


Check out www.nomorerack.com before you miss any other amazing deals!  Bookmark it, and check back often.  You don’t want to see that grayed-out image of something that you just had to have and the words “SOLD OUT” across it like a message of doom.  Get there before it’s gone!

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