The Body

Post contributed by Josue Durham

After my second child I became bound and determined to keep the weight off and it turns out it isn’t all that hard. What I usually end up doing is going down to the basement where I’ve got my treadmill and all my tvBYdirect.com channels and walking for at least an hour while the girls are napping upstairs. I know it’s just walking but it’s really helped me keep the weight down! I use the fat burning cycles on my machine and though they sometimes get boring I feel like it’s not too bad. I know my husband likes my new svelte body and I sure feel a lot better than I have in years, not in small part because I’ve been pregnant for two of the last four! I hope to keep up this routine for a while just to keep myself in better shape and I also plan to start a diet of some type soon to better my eating habits. I’ve got to stop nibbling on whatever the girls are eating while I’m making it!

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