The importance of guitar scales

GuitarHave you wondered why some people are good at playing guitar leads and some don’t? You may also notice some friends whom you knew were just recently learning guitar, but are now making fiery leads, while you remain with the same level? Now, you might be wondering what were the guitar playing tips your friends have learned. A thing is sure – it’s not just about playing the guitar all the time. Then what is it? It has something to do with guitar scales. Why? Check some of the importance of guitar scales here.

It lets you play leads

Guitar lead playing is not just hitting any kind of note along the fret board. It has some rules and principles. One of them is guitar scale. Guitar scale ranges from major, minor, harmonic, melodic and to many more. The common ones that are usually used today are major and minor scale. These are the scale that you usually hear in popular songs.  Major scale is essentially the “do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do” progression in a guitar, with do starting with the major note. So if the song has C as major key, then the do-re-mi pattern will be the notes C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C.

Learning this pattern and finding them in the guitar fret will help you play the lead parts of the song. Basically, every time a song is played in a major C scale, you already know what notes and strings to hit. Moreover, once you master one area (mode) of the C major scale, you can expand it across the fret board, making your fret board a whole playground for your lead parts.

It trains your finger

To make a guitar scale sound great, you need to make it sound in a fast progression. To do this, you’ll have to train your fingers all the time. It may sound easy but it’s hard, especially when you’re starting. But don’t let these stop you; the end results are simply amazing to get discouraged so soon.

It helps you create songs

Another benefit you get from scales is learning the fundamentals of song. With a complete understanding of scale, you’ll never be out of tune in both your note and key in a song. So if you know that C major is used, then play the chords along the major scale (CDEFGABC) and you won’t easily stay off tune. Applying this in song making makes you look like a pro.

It boosts your learning process

Lastly, you get to play fast, learn songs fast, thus scales make you learn the guitar speedily. It makes you enjoy playing and it even exhausts your creativity.

Consider learning guitar scales today and play the lead part you’ve always dreamt of.

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