Trucking Jobs?

From Jenn—

So my husband is a trucker.  He has been since January of this year. He got a job with a starter long-haul company, and he is quite upset with the way that things are going at his current company. They have him sit for days without a load. Which means he is away from home, not making money.

He had had me look for truck driving jobs online, and I tell you it is not as easy as it seems to weed through all of the places on the internet. Half of them do not even have a current job available.  I mean why advertise for drivers wanted in Fort Myers, FL and then when I direct my husband to call, they say sorry we don’t work that far down south! You can be sure that when I found Trucking Partners, I filled out the easy online registration form to list Noah’s name in their data base. It was free, took mere seconds and now a trucking representative will be in touch with Noah shortly. I love the fact that I did not have to fill out four pages of information in order to find out that they don’t hire here. I understand some companies do not make it down this far, but follow Trucking Partners lead and give a short registration and a call back.

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