Celebrate Your Kids Milestones With NetFlix #StreamTeam

Celebrate Your Kids Milestones

When we become parents, we celebrate the birth with much joy and expectations of the future. These tiny humans are placed in our care to raise but they do not come with an instruction manual! We really just figure things out as they come or seek advice from our pediatrician, family or friends. There are many milestones in a child’s life and recognizing the most common is key in knowing if they are on track in their development. For instance, a baby will begin to vocalize at about 1 month and at 3 months, they should be pushing their head up when they’re on their stomach. When they are 4 months old, you will begin to hear them chattering and laughing. By the time they reach the age of 12-18 months, they are probably saying simple words, walking and performing simple tasks like stacking blocks. The most important thing when you are celebrating kids milestones is to not compare them to other kids. All kids develop differently, so just because your neighbor’s child is walking at 9 months, does not mean yours is delayed if they are not.


As kids get older, the milestones do not lessen. We celebrate that first tooth coming in and falling out, riding a bike, acing their first test and getting a part in the school play. Some of these milestones you may throw a party for while others just get a big hug and words of praise. At Netflix, they have put together a collection of amazing movies and TV episodes to highlight several milestones in our kids as well as our own lives. Whether you are celebrating your child making the A/B Honor Roll or you getting that long awaited job, Netflix is there with relatable materials for you to enjoy. Netflix has programming like Parenthood, the movie What to Expect When You’Re Expecting or Drive Ins Diners an Dives. For the kids, They may enjoy The Croods, Wizards of Waverly Place or The Babysitter’s Club. For my family, one movie which hits close to home is Akeelah and the Bee as my daughter won her school wide spelling bee in the 4th grade.


I love Netflix because it is so easy to stream and it is affordable for just abaout any every budget. You can stream Netflix through your TV, tablet, smartphone, gaming system or computer for less then $10 a month! You can watch your favorite shows while you are in the carpool lane, at the doctors office or while relaxing at home. Be sure to follow Netflix on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. We love Netflix and they have great shows for all ages. It is actually just about the only thing we watch in our home:-)

  2. Danielle K says:

    We have Netflix and I absolutely love it. They have all of my favorite shows, great movies, and cool shows my son doesn’t get to watch on other channels.

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