Cleaning Made Easy Rubbermaid Reveal Microfiber Spray Mop

Rubbermaid Microfiber Spray Mop

Rubbermaid Microfiber Spray Mop

Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning made easy, is it really possible?  I for one feel like I am always cleaning the kitchen floor, with a dog, 2 small children and a husband who loves to cook I clean the floor almost every day.  When I was given the opportunity to review the Rubbermaid Reveal Microfiber Spray Mop I jumped all over it.  I needed a new tool to get my floors clean, the fact that the mop can be refilled and the pad reused made my day.  It’s really important to our family to reduce and reuse as much as possible.  I had to buy expensive refills and pads for my old mop and it always made me cringe every time.  I never thought I would get so excited about a mop coming in the mail, but I guess motherhood will do that to you!

Microfiber Spray Mop

The microfiber spray mop is safe for all floor types, which is perfect because we have tile and wood in our house. We have enough stuff in our house not to worry about having 2 different mops.  I took it out of the box in record time, it was already assembled so all I needed to do was put the solution into the bottle.  There is no special solution to purchase, you just use 2 teaspoons of your favorite cleaner with water (hot is recommended).  Put the cap on, insert into mop and your ready to clean in less than 2 minutes.  One of my favorite features is that it doesn’t require batteries so you can control how much solution is coming out and there is no worry of your batteries needing changing mid way through mopping.  The mop itself is very lightweight but made very well, its not flimsy like some of the others I have tried.  The microfiber pad is nice and thick, it did a wonderful job and stayed in place.  It’s machine washable up to 100 times!  How awesome is that?  Another little perk is the spot scrubber, just flip the mop and attack those stubborn spots.  My youngest daughter put it to the test, she chose to color on my tile floor with a purple crayon (non washable of course), so I broke out my mop and that scrubber worked like a charm to get the crayon off in a few short minutes. I popped the microfiber pad off, threw it in the washer and let it air dry.

The Rubbermaid Microfiber Spray Mop has made my life so much easier on my pocket book and my cleaning schedule.  You can purchase a kit at your local retailer for $19.99.  That’s a deal in my eyes because it’s a one time thing, nothing else to purchase because you are refilling and reusing!  I love that it’s better for the environment too, less plastic and pads being thrown away each week.  Check them out on Facebook for more information.


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