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I have a love hate relationship when it comes to cleaning my house.  I love that my house looks so good after I have cleaned, but sometimes I hate the actual cleaning part!  As a work at home mom one of my promises to me and my family is to keep the house clean every day.  After a long day at work or school, I want my family to come home to a tidy home so they are relaxed instead of a part of the chaos!  One of my most dreaded chores is cleaning the shower and tub.  When we initially saw our tub had shower doors, I thought they added an element of sophistication to the bathroom.  I had no idea what a pain in the neck it would be to clean them!  I have tried a lot of store bought as well as a few home-made cleaning products but nothing seems to work as well as I want it to.  Another problem area I have is my window sills because they get mold and mildew from our crazy ups and downs of temperature.  I was about to go crazy when a friend told me she uses CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner for her kitchen and bathroom and she gets her cleaning done in a fraction of the time it takes me.

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I could not believe my eyes when I used the CLR for the first time!  I tried it on the shower doors as well as the tub, especially where the mold can get in between the tiles.  This product acts very quickly and it is super powerful!  I just sprayed the CLR on the surfaces I wanted to clean and waited for about 3 minutes and sprayed it with cold water.  The results were incredible!  The stains that I spent 30-45 minutes trying to scrub clean now took me less than 5 minutes!  CLR works on cleaning plain old dirt, lime, soap scum, hard water stains and calcium deposits.  I even spray a bit of CLR in my coffee pot and it looks like it is brand new!  The other thing I love about CLR is that the EPA has given CLR the title of DfE” (Design for the Environment” which means it is safe to use in your home.  My son and husband have terrible allergies and they get aggravated when I use chemicals for cleaning.  When I used the CLR, they didn’t even know I had done any cleaning in the bathroom and kitchen!  I LOVE CLR and am totally sold on it!  Be sure to follow CLR on Twitter (@clrcleaners).

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