Clearing Toilet Clogs Rubbermaid Clean and Dry Plunger Sweepstakes

Clearing Toilet Clogs

Clearing Toilet Clogs

Household chores have never been my department but since becoming a stay at home mother of 2 small children, I can add clearing toilet clogs to my resume!  These situations always seem to arise while my husband is away at work and it needs immediate attention…we all know you can’t let it sit and wait on him to get home.  So in I go armed and dangerous with this plunger that looks like it was made in the 1950’s, it’s well worn and has been sitting in the garage for goodness knows how long.  It eventually gets the job done but is so disgusting when I pull it out I have to put it in a plastic grocery bag so it doesn’t drip and leak all over the floor!  I ended up throwing it away because I just didn’t want to deal with the mess.  The opportunity to review the Rubbermaid Clean and Dry Plunger came at the right time because I was without a plunger…and it was only a matter of time before I would need it again, right?

How To Unclog A Toilet

One thing I never officially learned is how to unclog a toilet!  I mean shouldn’t there be some sort of preparation somewhere along the lines growing up, or when you move out where someone says to you…hey this is how you unclog a toilet!  Nope, you just have to grab the plunger and dive in (literally)!  My plunging experience prior to receiving the Rubbermaid Clean and Dry Plunger was a nightmare.  It took forever, was awkward to use and so messy.  I must say my first time using the Rubbermaid Clean and Dry Plunger was great, seriously who says that?  I took it out of the package, went to work with a few plunges and voila  the clog was cleared (note to self: get lid lock to keep the little ones out…poor my little pony)!  When I took the plunger out of the bowl all the water slide right off the plunger and was totally dry.  I was amazed and so happy.  It was so nice and clean it has earned a spot inside the house.  The Clean and Dry Plunger has a special NeverWet coating which is designed to form a protective shield on the plunger that water can’t penetrate.  Water or whatever other gross things in your toilet bead up and roll off kinda like car wax!  This keeps the bathroom cleaner and more sanitary than your typical plunger.  One thing to note, the NeverWet coating can be damaged from the oils in your skin so avoid touching it, you can clean it with bleach if needed (NOT soap).

Rubbermaid Plunger Video

You can purchase a Rubbermaid Clean and Dry Plunger for $12.99 at your local retail stores or online.  Rubbermaid also carries a full line of kitchen organizers, storage for the garage and coolers and jugs.  We are very happy to have such a useful tool and I don’t dread the clogs like I once did, watch out this housewife is armed and dangerous with her Rubbermaid Clean and Dry Plunger!  Check them out on Facebook for their most recent products!

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