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It’s official.  I’ve now found my favorite new website!  Clipix.com is literally going to change the way I save and organize websites I like or want to come back to, and I think it will for you too!  The best part is that it’s free!

Clipix is easy to use.  You simply start an account and add the “Clip” button to your toolbar.  From there, any time you’re on a website that you want to save or remember, you simply click the “Clip” button and a pop-up window appears.  With this pop up window you can choose which graphic to use to represent the clip and then choose which category you’d like to put the clip in.  On the Clipix website, you can customize the names of your “Clipboards” and even the order that they appear in.  You can have as many Clipboards as you can think of!  Whether it’s recipes, craft ideas, vacation ideas, shopping, interesting articles, gift ideas, books to read, decorating ideas – the options are endless!  Personally, I’m going to be using Clipix in place of my bookmarks.  I like the idea of keeping my favorites in a virtual place that I can access from anywhere, anytime.  This way, if my computer crashes, I don’t lose my favorite websites.  If I want to pull up one of my favorites on my phone while I’m out – no problem!  I can’t do that with my regular internet bookmarks!  Or, if you’re more interested in sharing websites, you can customize your clipboards so they can be private, shared with your friends, or shared with the whole Clipix community.  Plus, you can reclip clips, comment on clips, and even share on Facebook and Twitter.  And for Iphone users, there’s an app so you can add Clips while on the go and even take pictures of things you see!

The other great thing about clipix is that you can choose to share with your friends and even create a Syncboard, which is a real-time collaborative Clipboard.  With Syncboards, every time someone adds something, everyone else in that collaborative group can see it at the same time.  For example, if you are a part of a couponing group, Syncboards would be perfect so that any time a couponer in your group adds a new site they’ve found, everyone else can check it out right away!

I’m already addicted to Clipix.  Sign up today and you’ll see what I mean!  Comment below and let me know what you’ll use Clipix for!  I’d love to hear some new ideas so I can expand my Clipix even more

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