Connect With People From Your Past


Have you ever wanted to connect with people from your past? I think all of us think about friends, co-workers, or romantic interests from time to time. I have often wondered what happened to my first “real” boyfriend that I swore I would be with forever; when I was the wise age of 16. I have also pondered what my first roommate is doing now. Did she become the wife, mother and finance guru we all knew she would be? Instead a lot of conjecture, there is a super easy way to find people as well as find out who is looking for you. Just as much as you have thought about what these important people are doing now, they may be thinking the same about you!

MyLife.com is an all-inclusive online meeting place for personal and business connections. The feature that sets MyLife.com from similar sites, is their innovative concept that allows you to pool many of your social media pages and email accounts in one place. Forget about hopping from the handful of tabs that hold your individual links when you can group them together in one convenient community. This free membership has over 60 million members with over 700 million profiles that may include that long lost beau or a business contact yet to come. With the Personal Relationship Management (PRM) category, members can view their secure messages on one dashboard. It is super easy to sign up and they have even provided a short video that explains the concept and how it works.

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