Easter Bunny Costumes For Adults From Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Suit

It won’t be long and Easter will be upon us. I wanted to make this year’s Easter celebration extra special and have an appearance from the Easter Bunny (yes, I want my very own Easter Bunny to come to my house…I am not crazy I have small children and I think they will LOVE it). When I was given the opportunity to review an Easter Bunny Suit from Wholesale Halloween Costumes, I was so excited. I was able to choose from several styles of costumes and I chose the Plush Bunny Mascot Costume. It’s a jumpsuit costume (zipping up the back) with a separate bunny head and covers for your hands and feet and its one size fits most. My husband is a big guy and it fit him perfect so whether you are big or small this costume will fit. This is great because we might need to switch bunnies (I think my husband is already thinking of ways to get out of wearing the costume for Easter…I’m not letting him off that easy)!! I do have a few backup bunnies if need be and it will be no problem to switch them with this costume (although I am not informing my husband of my backup plan). We are having a houseful for our annual Easter Egg hunt celebration complete with bounce house, games and now the Easter Bunny it is sure to be a wonderful day filled with memories our children will always remember.

Easter Bunny Costumes For Adults

The Easter Bunny Costume is very easy to get on and off and made of 100% polyester, its super soft and the quality is great. It is not often that you will find Easter Bunny Costumes For Adults that are actually easy to wear. The head is very detailed with the whole thing being covered in fur (no plastic) so its realistic looking. There is mesh on the eyes and mouth so you can see and breath! There is enough room inside the head so you don’t feel claustrophobic and its finished nicely on the inside so its comfortable against your face. The nice thing about the costume is that it’s not super thick, so it looks realistic without being 5 inches thick. This is important because we live in Florida and in April it can be pretty hot and the last thing I need is the Easter Bunny to pass out while he’s hanging out with the kids (not only would that traumatize the kids but my husband would NEVER want to do it again)!!! You can also purchase a Kold Kollar and a Kold Vest with inserts to keep your bunny cool while he’s hopping around!  You can purchase this Easter Bunny Costume for $134.99. Wholesale Halloween Costumes also carries a full line of costumes for each holiday along with wigs, accessories, masks, props and decorations.  There is something to choose from for everyone in your family from the babies to the adults (even your pets) and all at super affordable prices. Check them out on Facebook!

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