Donate To Cancer Research at curelauncher

Did you ever wish you could donate money directly to cancer research to help certain projects move forward?  Currently there are many research projects that are not funded due to governmental bureaucracy and many of the grants that are applied for by university academia are not granted.  There are many research products that are lost to the scientist and to people in general.  This is why Stephen J. Goldner, JD RAC, created curelauncher.com.

Donate To Cancer Research

curelauncher.com is a site where you can go to and see current medical projects that are currently looking for funding.  This allows you to donate to cancer research directly and be a direct part of medical breakthrough research.  At the end of the month in which you donate, your money will go directly to the researcher.  You will receive monthly reports so you can see directly what is going on with the research.

curelauncher.com creates great opportunities for medical researchers and healthcare professionals to list their projects and clinical trials for support by the public.  This way people can take a small step toward finding a cure. This is an amazing way to connect scientists creating breakthrough medical treatments with people who need those cures and the people who can contribute for medical cures. curelauncher.com allows the work to get done faster than ever before.

One of projects they are currently accepting funding for is a new drug for the treatment of breast cancer and tumors that has spread elsewhere.  This project has already run a trial while under FDA supervision and has had surprising results. They expect the National Institutes of Health to financially support the next clinical trial. Their research goal is to have a drug that can help women with breast cancer where the tumors spread to their brain, liver or lungs.

The projects that are being funded at curelauncher.com have already undergone validation and site reviews by independent NIH experts.  There is no minimum requirement for a donation, any amount will help and is appreciated.

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