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Eco Friendly Bags

I never really knew eco friendly bags existed at this level.  GreenSmart has come up with a way to recycle plastic bottles into stylish functional bags for everyday use.  I was given the opportunity to review the Puku Messenger Bag in green with brown accents.  The bag came at the perfect time because I was getting ready to go on vacation.  I needed a bag to carry my laptop, iPad, cords and other misc items in for my trip.  I loaded up my bag and noticed a few things.  The zippers are inverted which I think looks totally cool, it’s something I have never seen before.  The inside is padded nicely for protection of your electronics, the divider down the center has nice mesh pockets for larger items (I stuck my cords in the pockets so they weren’t floating around).  It holds a laptop 15.4″ in size, along with plenty of room for my iPad, spiral bound notepad and book.  There are 2 small pockets on each end of the bag great for a cell phone or keys but not quite big enough for a bottle of water.  The back of the bag has a nice pocket the full length of the bag with a magnetic closure, I loved this feature because I shoved my boarding passes and ID in there for quick access going through airport security.  There are 2 front pockets on the bag the one with the zipper is great and is easy to get in and out of.  I put my gum and money in there for safekeeping.  The other larger front pocket is not so functional, don’t get me wrong the pocket is great with tons of room and some smaller mesh pockets to hold small items but the magnetic flap closure isn’t strong enough.  When the bag is on your shoulder that flap opens exposing your items to the world and in my case the floor.  I think the magnetic closures should be down further and have one on each side instead of one in the middle.  Overall the bag is great, it passed the test on my trip and I love that the bag is made out of 30 recycled bottles!
What Makes Bottles 2 Bags Green? The fabric in this product, both the exterior and interior, are derived from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles.  This process is the end point for the process which begins with the collection of bottles; which become ground up, washed to become fiber, spun into yarn and woven into our fabrics.  The overall process also uses less energy than making polyester out of virgin chemicals.
 You can purchase a bag like mine for $49.95.  Each bag is named after an endangered animal, this one Puku is an antelope found in the Southern Democratic Repulic of Congo and Zambia.  GreenSmart donates 10% of its profits to non-profit organizations to help create a greensmart planet!  GreenSmart also carries a full line of bags including: Laptop sleeves, Backpacks, Water/wine bags, Macbook sleeves and Laptop Bag Lite.  They come in a variety of colors, one to suit any style!  Check them out on Facebook!
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