Educational Games For Kids By Bananagrams Review

Educational Games For Kids

Educational Games For Kids

Game time in our house is a coveted time for everyone and I am always looking for educational games for kids.  Both of my girls love to play games, its amazing to watch them play and learn so much each and everyday.  When I was little, games were a big part of our everyday lives.  I remember playing with my grandparents, parents, siblings and it was some of the most memorable times we had as a family.  Laughing, learning and instilling a great sense of family values and morals all at the same time.  Even as adults, we still play games at family gatherings.  My sister showed up with the game Bananagrams last year on our beach vacation.  It was the funnest, most addicitive and stressful games we have played.  It makes you think quick and try to get finished first, she always won.  No matter who she played, my sister won!!  I almost think she practices at home everyday so she can beat us the next time we are together.  It was great fun and my daughter’s wanted to get in on the fun but they were just too young, so we played at night when they went to bed.  Well when I was given the opportunity to review Appletters and PAIRSinPEARS I jumped for joy!  They are both geared toward younger kids but are challenging for adults as well.

Learning Your ABC’s

PAIRSinPEARS is not only 2 games in one but it also has 8 skill building activites including learning your ABC’s, pattern grouping, sound it out, letter hunt, word pairs, alphabetical order, fill in the blank and rhyming.  The letters on the tiles have a unique pattern and those patterns are used when playing the games for extra points.  We played with this game for hours and hours.  My daughter who will be 5, has a love of letters, words and patterns.  She felt so grown up playing this game, you could see her confidence as we played together.  She is learning to sound out words and spell them so we did several of the activities and then played the games with the words we learned.  The excitement in her eyes when she realized she could make a grid of two intersecting words was amazing.  There are a total of 104 tiles that are kept safe in a cute little pear shaped fabric bag with zipper.  It’s the perfect game to take with you on vacation or over to grandma’s house.  She said as we were putting the tiles away “I can’t wait till Auntie comes to play, I think I can beat her”!  This game is for kids 3 and up.  You can purchase this game for $14.95.

Appletters was equally as fun for kids 5 and up.  There are 4 games: Worm words, Apple Pie, Apple Turnover and Apple Seeds.  It really develops spelling skills, makes you think strategically, encourages cooperation and helps kids learn to take turns.  This game was a little more difficult than the first game but she did well.  Her words were 3-4 letters long but she managed to make her worms while being patient waiting for her next turn.  I love this time with her because not only are we playing games which she loves but I am teaching her how to read, spell and so much more.  This time together as a family is so important and I know it will leave a lasting impression on my children in the years to come.  It’s nice to connect at the table instead of having them playing a video game.  Like Bananagrams and PAIRSinPEARS the 110 tiles are kept safe in a red apple shaped fabric bag with zipper. You can purchase this game for $14.95.

The tiles and fabric bags are made of great quality materials with the utmost attention to detail.  Bananagrams is a family owned business and has hit the mark with these great family friendly games.  They are the perfect games to give as gifts for the holidays!

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