Entertaining and Interactive on a Summer Day #TechToys

20160629_184907The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Summer is here with the heat and many rainy afternoons. When our kids get stuck inside they want to do something that captures their full attention. If they can’t find that perfect project on their own, they just might find themselves lost in a virtual world in front of the TV or favorite video game. We, as parents, hope they could find something on their own without us stepping in and steering the ship, but we know sometimes they will choose the default of the “screen time”, just because it’s easy. Then, it’s up to us, to jump in with enthusiasm and attempt to convince them there’s something fun to do together, and the Vex Robot is just the thing!

VEX Robotics Arm_0I waited for just the right time to present this gem of a project, and low and behold, the lightning, thunder and rain came. Huffing and puffing followed shortly thereafter from my kids mouths until I mentioned there’s a special rainy day, brand new, cool thing hidden in the house. I then made them scavenger hunt around the house, reciting clues and hints, until they found the unopened box of the Vex Robot.  I think they were more excited about the adventure of finding the mystery box than what the box actually contained.

We set up on the dining room table with lots of light and started opening up multiple bags of similar pieces. We grabbed some Tupperware to separate some of the little pieces and grouped together all the parts that looked alike. My 8 year old was in charge of reading the directions, and instructing 5 year old Max and myself to what pieces he needed. The assemblage took some time and, (of course) required snacks and making moustaches out of the black bent parts.

20160629_184659All in all it was a great day that occupied our time. My favorite part was that it used my children’s mind, creative attention, reading and motor skills. The kids are excited to create the 2 additional builds that uses the same parts of the Vex Robot. They also have expressed interest in obtaining the optional robotic kit that will make the robot work like a remote control device.

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