Cool Off This Summer With Bomb Pops

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Bomb Pop. I received product samples, a party kit, and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Bomb Pops

When I was a kid, one of our favorite things to do in the summer was to ride our bikes over to Lawson’s Ice Cream Parlor. My mom would give my sister and I enough change (yes, way back then, it only cost about 50 cents for an icy treat!) and we would pedal the 2 blocks to the frozen haven. There is just something special about enjoying an ice cold ice pop when the temperatures are sky high.

Cait and Henry Pops

A favorite for both my sister and I were the 3 flavors (Cherry, Lime and Blue Raspberry) that you could only get from the original Bomb Pop. Believe it or not, the Bomb Pop Ice Pop has been around since 1955 and through the years new flavors and characters have been added to the old stand by. Today you can find the triple flavored frozen treat in almost 10 different flavor combinations.

Cool Off This Summer With Bomb Pops

Cool Off This Summer With Bomb Pops

Our family loves spending time outside during the summer and we have had such great weather so far this year. One activity our family has enjoyed is watching our neighbors kids, Olivia and Dominic play Little League® Baseball. Even though my kids are not playing this year, it is so much fun to cheer our neighbors on as they do. We have made it a ritual to stop off at the grocery store and get a box of Bomb Pops for everyone to enjoy. One of our new favorite flavors are the Hawaiian Punch, which we actually had in the freezer already when we received our delivery of Bomb Pops from Mom Central!



The kids really love the fruit juice red, green berry and orange ocean flavors. We also received a box of the original Bomb Pop as well as the Original Sugar Free (my favorite) and a box of the Hawaiian Punch and Sour Wower. I love the look on Caitlin’s face as she tried the Sour Wower for the first time! Can you tell she was a bit surprised at the sourness of it?! Before we could even have our friends and neighbors over for our Bomb Pop party, I had to buy 4 new boxes as my kids (ok, and me) finished off our initial supply (I told you we LOVED them!).


We decided to have our neighbors over as well as my best friend and her kids for a BBQ and Bomb Pop party. Our neighbor just welcomed a set of twins a few days ago, so we took the other 4 kids off their hands for a few hours. Our other friends are always quite happy to come over and participate in whatever party we are throwing, but when they found out it was a Bomb Pop party, they were so excited!

More Pop Fun

I had no idea so many people loved the tried and true Bomb Pops. We had a great spread of picnic fare and of course we had the Bomb Pops as our after dinner treat. The boys were huge fans of the Sour Wower, while the girls stuck with the original and the Hawaiian Punch. After we ate and had our Bomb Pops, we played Bomb Pop Baseball, which the kids had such a blast with. Thank you so much to Mom Central and Bomb Pop for such a fantastically fun party!

Pop Fun

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