Enjoy The Quiet While You Enjoy Your #DeliciousPairings

 Enjoy Your #DeliciousPairings

With me home schooling and working from home, a teenager entering high school and a husband, I am crazy busy! From the moment my feet hit the floor from my ever so comfy bed until I return to my cocoon, I am on the go. If you have teenagers, you know how much they love to get up for school.NOT! It is a true testimony of my endless patience getting Caitlin up and out the door each morning. Thank goodness next year she gets an extra hour before school starts (yay!). Once I get home, I home school Henry until lunch time and then I am off to work. It is no wonder I enjoy the quiet whenever I can find some. That is why I love that slice of time in the morning before everyone gets up that I can have two of my favorite things: Starbucks Medium House Blend Grounds and The Bakery at Walmart Blueberry Muffins.

Enjoy The Quiet

How do you enjoy the quiet in your life? Let me suggest visiting the #DeliciousPairings display at your local participating Walmart. The powers that be with Starbucks and Walmart hit the nail on the head when they put these two yummies together. I love the fat free blueberry muffins from the Walmart Bakery and I promise you will not be able to tell they are fat free. I have not been disappointed one time when I have tried the lower calorie or fat free bakery items from The Bakery at Walmart. They are moist, delicious and so fruity! Many Walmart locations have conveniently paired up these two in The Bakery to make your shopping trip easier. Even though my Walmart did not have the Delicious Pairings display, it was quite easy to find both as I was already a lover and a fan!


I am a frequent visitor at the Starbucks near my house, and  I love trying new flavors when they are featured. When I find a coffee brand I like, I am not one to stray from it very often. This holds true for my Starbucks coffee, which is what I usually purchase when I shop at Walmart. I had not tried the Medium House Blend from Starbucks, so I was anxious to try it out. Well, this coffee had me at the smell when it was brewing and the smooth flavor is perfect for me. I do not like my coffee too strong, so this is just the right balance.

Muffins x 3

After I enjoyed a cup of my Starbucks coffee, I ripped off my muffin top (no, not my physical muffin top, the one on the edible one!) and dove right in. Oh wow! The sweet delicious blueberry flavor always puts a smile on my face. I love to dunk my muffin top into my coffee, so I let my muffin top take a dive into my coffee. Yummy goodness folks! You gotta try it! When you combine the coffee, which has subtle flavors of nuts, apples and blueberries, with the blueberry muffins from The Bakery at Walmart, you will not believe it. Your mouth is in for a treat, let me tell you!

Yummy Muffins

Because it is Earth Month, and Earth Day is on the 22nd of this month, I wanted to share a few tips for using your used coffee grounds. My kids and I are planting container vegetable gardens this month and we are going to use compost. We have a container we keep in the kitchen and we add our scraps as well as my coffee grounds. If you did not know this, coffee grounds are great for growing healthy plants, flowers and veggies. I found another fun use for your coffee grounds; window cleaner! Add your coffee grounds to a spray bottle and add warm water. Although it looks murky, it cleans your glass like a charm!


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  1. I didn’t know that you could clean windows with coffee grounds. Cool!

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