Healthy Snacks For Kids When Everyone Else Is Eating Halloween Candy!

These Are Healthy Snacks For Kids They Will Love

My entire family are snackers and I will take full blame for it..sort of. When I was little, my dad would sit on the couch to watch television after a long day of driving a bus. My sister and I would sit on the floor next to him to watch shows like The Carol Burnett Show or Laugh In. Dad always had something to snack on like chips or pretzels and he would share with my sister and I. Now I will pretty much do the same with my kids while we are watching TV or playing a game. Now that I am working on losing weight and Caitlin is showing signs of the “Freshman 15”, I knew we had to make some changes. With the delicious yet healthy snacks for kids and adults from Outshine Fruit Bars, I feel good serving them to my family.

Healthy Snacks For Kids

Healthy Snacks For Kids

For more than 18 years, people have been enjoying the deliciously chilly Outshine Fruit Bars. These frozen fruit bars are only made with the finest of healthy ingredients like strawberries, peaches and coconuts. As with many of the amazing products from Edy’s, but they taste great and these are good for you as well! Not only are the people from  Outshine making delicious fruity bars, they are also doing great things for communities all over the nation. For instance, the Communities Take Root program had over 60 orchards yielding 88,000 pounds of fruit that were planted last year. It is projects like these that allow the company to give back to local communities that benefit everyone who lives within them.

Currently the Edy’s Outshine Fruit Bars include 3 lines; Fruit Bars, Coconut Waters and the new Seasonal Picks line. You have grown to love such flavors as Grape, Pineapple, Line and Creamy Coconut, and now you have more to chose from. Now Edy’s Outshine Fruit Bars have new flavors in their limited edition Seasonal Picks line, which make great healthy snacks for kids. The new 4 flavors include Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Raspberry and Peach. The Seasonal Picks line are seasonal flavors which were inspired by the fruits you would find from a local farmer’s market. The Blood Orange is as juicy and succulent as a freshly picked piece of fruit from your local grower. My kids and I love to treat ourselves to a deliciously fruity Outshine bar after dinner while we are catching up about our day. The only problem is they are so yummy that we want to eat more than one!  If you want to try these amazing fruit bars, they are only available in major retail stores only until December. Be sure to stay current with the latest from Outshine by liking them on Facebook.

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  1. I need the advice for me, not for my kid!
    He has never remembered the Halloween candy after the first night (although I probably just jinxed it!) in over 10 years!
    I on the other hand eat it all year long, I will have to go for this next time.

  2. I’d try the coconut water flavor. The other coconut flavor have about 3 g of fat. I’m afraid I’d want to eat too many! As far as healthy Halloween snacks, this is a lot better than handing out gum at Halloween, lol.

  3. Strawberry

  4. Jessica @ OrganicallYou says:

    I would love to try the strawberry flavor

  5. Kayla Starrett says:

    Strawberry! 🙂

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