Kids Having Fun In The Kitchen With Tyson #SpringtimeNuggets


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Food Prep

I am so glad spring is here and we are able to enjoy this beautiful weather. The kids have been itching to get outside and enjoy their new trampoline and ride their bikes. This is the kind of weather that you can enjoy sitting on the deck and just hanging with your family. When the weather is like this we like to eat outside whenever we can. One thing I can tell you is that once the kids have been playing outside for several hours, they are mighty hungry.

Kids Having Fun In The Kitchen With Tyson

One of our favorite staples in our home are Tyson chicken nuggets. The kids love them because they taste so delicious and I love them because they are real white meat chicken and are affordable. My son Henry has autism and he has certain issues with food. He will not eat any other protein but chicken and the only nuggets he will eat are Tyson, so we have been lovers of the brand for a long time now. When I was invited to get creative in the kitchen with my Tyson nuggets, the kids and I could not have been happier! I love it when I have kids having fun in the kitchen with Tyson.

The first thing I did was head over to the grocery store and stock up on a nuggets. I promise you that my kids love Tyson nuggets and the proof of that is that we had them for dinner on Saturday and now it is Monday and they wanted them again! The theme of this particular project was #SpringtimeNuggets and we were asked to get creative and bring some spring into the kitchen and onto our Tyson nuggets. We decided to decorate with some of our favorite things to eat so we could use what was left in other dishes. We bought some beautiful stop light peppers, carrot shreds, parsley, BBQ sauce, mayo, ketchup, and almond slices.

Henry Eating

Here is Henry eating his nugget flowers and then…they were gone!

Once I got home, I got to chopping up those peppers and while I was there, I decided to eat a few slices myself! We had some baking supplies in storage, so we got those out to help with the condiment decorations. The kids petered out on helping me decorate because we did the first plate of flowers and they got to eating those. They were far more interested in eating their nuggets than they were helping me with more decorations. I will warn you that my creativity level is not the highest, so my creations were a bit elementary!

Nugget Critters

I found a butterfly cookie cutter, so I decided to cut a few nuggets into that shape and then I used the carrot shreds for the antennae. The bunny rabbits have BBQ sauce eyes and almond slivered ears. The bunnies were the next nuggets to meet their demise!


I know it does not look like it, but this was my rendering of the Loch Ness Monster! I originally wanted to make a caterpillar but it looked weird, so I made it into an even weirder sea monster! The water is blueberry yogurt which the kids liked dipping their nuggets into. My family and I enjoyed this project so much and we plan to do this again in the future. It was a great time for us to hang out, work together and have fun. With my having final exams this week and Caitlin taking her TCAP’s, this was the perfect way for us to decompress and let our hair down! Hey parents! Take your kids and head over to the Tyson Facebook page and find some decorating ideas to bring #SpringtimeNuggets into your home! Be sure to follow Tyson on Twitter as well to keep up with the latest delicious news from our favorite brand!

Thank you Tyson and #Cbias!


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