Refreshing Drinks For Summer With #SnapTea

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When the warm weather hits, my family is outside as often as possible. We live int he south, so we get our fair share of warm and beautiful weather. We are the house on the block that all the kids tend to gravitate towards. We have a slack line, a zip line, a trampoline and a pool as well as bikes, trikes, scooters and even a Plasma Car. If we are not at home enjoying our time together in the yard, we are out and about. We have some beautiful local parks that have awesome play structures and gorgeous walking trails.

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We also have a really nice park with a huge playground and a water play area. About a 30 minute drive from us is a man made beach you can canoe, kayak or swim as well as bicycle, walk or run and a huge playground for the kids. The one thing we never leave home without during these hot summer months are plenty to drink. Our favorite drinks that I trust to not only quench my thirst but are delicious, are the drinks from Snapple.

Refreshing Drinks For Summer

Refreshing Drinks For Summer

I have always been a huge ice tea drinker (maybe that is from being a Southerner) and so has my husband. We do not have a family function that does not include iced tea being served. I think a big reason I prefer drinking iced tea is that I do not like plain water and tea is a delicious alternative that I love. I will admit my house is one that is divided on certain issues regarding iced tea. I prefer diet and I love lemons while my husband is not crazy about lemons or diet drinks.


For me buying the Snapple Half and Half, which is half tea and half lemonade (or an Arnold Palmer) is a smart choice. I have been drinking Arnold Palmer’s forever but it is a pain to make a pitcher of tea and lemonade and combine them. Now Snapple does that for me and there are only 10 calories in the diet version! Yay!  For my husband, we buy him the Snapple Iced Tea in the Gallon jug with no lemon and not diet, so that makes him happy.


We shop almost exclusively at Walmart because for us, we feel we get more for our money when we shop there.   Right now at Walmart locations that carry SnapTea, there is a coupon being offered on Walmart.com which runs through 9/30. In celebration of folks turning to Snapple as their go-to drink, Walmart will be hosting a contest on their website. Keep your eyes peeled for the On The Go Photo Contest which is coming soon. If you are looking for some great ideas for summer, hop over to the SoFab Digital Magazine (#LiveSoFab).

While you are there, be sure to look up what they had to say about the Snapple Iced Tea #SnapTea. So when you are heading out the door for that sporting event, picnic, camping trip or visit to the beach, be sure to swing by Walmart and stock up on your Snapple Iced Tea gallon containers! You can keep up to date with the latest news from Snapple by “liking” them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.



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