Game Systems For Preschoolers VTech InnoTab 2S TheWi-Fi Learning App Tablet Review

Gaming Systems For Preschoolers

Game Systems For Preschoolers

I never thought I would be looking for game systems for preschoolers.  I always said I would never let them play with video games, I would make them go outside and play.  Well now that I have 2 kids, my time is spread out between the two of them and sometimes I need a little down time.  Any other parents out there feel the same?  If you don’t, your deceiving yourself!  I needed to find something that both kids could use when I needed a few minutes of down time or when I was paying attention to one while the other wanted to be entertained.  I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to review the VTech InnoTab 2 S, I had looked at all the similar systems at the store and of course the kids saw the commercials but I just didn’t know which one was best and would I buy one and they not like it?

Educational Video Games

Educational Video Games

I knew that if I did buy one of these little machines, it would be because it had educational video games and something more to offer than all of the violent games out there.  When the package arrived, me being the good Mommy I am opened it and played with it myself while the kids were at school!  Don’t judge me, I am the one reviewing it, right?!   It comes with everything you need to get started: Learning Lodge Navigator Installation CD, InnoTab 2S Read, Play & Create Cartridge, 2 InnoTab 2S Styluses, User’s manual and USB Cable.  Well I was instantly impressed with all of the cool features it had and went through the setup process which was super easy.  Using the Learning Lodge Navigator Installation CD with the VTech InnoTab 2 S was a breeze and I was able to connect to my home Wi-Fi with no issues.  I made profiles for both kids and once they came home took their profile picture…and you know I made my own too!

The InnoTab 2S fits nicely in your hands (both big and small) and on each corner has rubber shock resisters for those unexpected falls which is perfect for my busy 2 and 5 year old.  The buttons on the screen are nice and big with little pictures on them so you can easily differentiate which ones do what.  It has the best camera of all the systems I have seen, it rotates from front to back so you can point it towards you, up at the sky or in front of you.  I would say that the camera is on the top of everyone’s most favorite features, the clarity of the pictures is awesome and the video comes out so clear.  It has easy touch volume control and a place to plug in headphones (we all need that quiet time)!  The touchscreen can be used with your finger or stylus.  The stylus has a special slot for storage but does not come with a strap to tether it to the tablet, I was very disappointed about that.  Although it comes with a spare in case it’s lost it would have been nice to have one included to keep it all together.

It takes 4 AA batteries (and also features a battery backup) or you can purchase an AC adapter.  In the battery compartment you will find an SD memory card slot to store photos, I highly recommend putting one in the camera takes great shots!  Another of the highlights, is the stand on the back so the tablet can prop up on a table or other hard surface.

So once you check out all the features you get to put them to use when you explore everything that is already loaded onto the tablet: The E-book, camera game, creative activity, a variety of games from the read, play & create cartridge, video recorder, art studio and then there is a ton of wonderful apps to download for hours and hours of enjoyment for the whole family.  I caught my husband playing with it when the kids weren’t paying attention!  The games have been very user friendly and after a few times watching her sister my 2 year old is a pro.  She has been using my iPad for about 6 months and I am always paranoid they are going to break it and or get into something online they shouldn’t (accidentally saved my iTunes password and the wracked up a huge bill buying feed for a virtual horse)!  I love that it’s a secure Wi-Fi connection and I can safely and directly download content from the VTech Learning Lodge Navigator without the need to connect to my computer.

The VTech InnoTab 2S get’s 2 thumbs up from us, we have used it in the car, at the Dr, hair dresser, at home and at grandma’s!  You can purchase one for $99.99.  Check them out on Facebook for more product information.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech and received a VTech InnoTab 2S to facilitate my review.

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