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I have always been a pretty healthy person and can count on one hand how many serious illnesses I have had. I count myself lucky that until recently, I was one of the few people I know that has never had surgery. I have been kidded by my family for years because I have always had a cast iron stomach. I can eat just about anything and it will not upset my stomach, which explains my current weight! After I had Henry, I began to have a few problems here and there with mild digestive problems. My doctor said it may be connected to a few things that occurred during the pregnancy but it was nothing to worry about. I was bothered by it so little that when I did see an issue, I would take a few antacids and I was fine. For the past year or so, I have been experiencing some GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) symptoms. These include acid indigestion, heartburn, nausea after eating and occasionally some regurgitation and lately they have been more prevalent. Instead of making an appointment and waiting to see my doctor, I decided to see what my local Walgreens had to offer as far as my ability to get answer to health questions related to my digestive health.

#WalgreensAnswers - Get Answers To Health Questions

Get Answers To Health Questions

Our Walgreens is less than a mile from our house and we visit them several times a week. We are in there filling prescriptions, stocking up on toiletries, and speaking with the pharmacist. The pharmacy team at our Walgreens has decades of experience between them and I trust their advice. When I was looking for some help with my GERD and wanted to know what medication I should take, I went to speak to Lori, my favorite pharmacist. When I walked back into the pharmacy area, there was no one waiting at the consultation window, so I was able to walk right up to the window. I explained to Lori what my symptoms were and after asking me some questions, she was able to direct me to the “Acid Reducer” section.

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For my issues, she suggested I find products with Proton Pump Inhibitors, which will neutralize the stomach acid which causes a lot of my problems. I love that Walgreens offers their own brand at a substantial savings from the name brands. I have taken Prilosec before, so I was happy to try the Walgreens brand, which is what I ended up purchasing. I also grabbed a Digestive Issues brochure from the Answers at Walgreens series. This brochure is filled with a ton of great information on such problems like diarrhea, heartburn, constipation and gas. They offer you reasons for the problems, OTC medications you can take and a bunch of great coupons are in the back on Walgreens products.

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If you are unable to get to your local Walgreens, you can always access the same quality information online at Walgreens.com. If you cannot find the answers you need in their answers section, you can request a chat with a pharmacy professional. You will get the same great care as you would from your brick and mortar store but in the convenience of your own home. The chat is easy to use, you are acknowledged almost immediately and they are willing to stay with you as long as it takes to get you the information you are looking for. No matter what your situation, you know you can rely on #WalgreensAnswers, your local Walgreens pharmacy and your Walgreens pharmacy online. Check out my Google+ album documenting my adventure to the #WalgreensAnswers area at my local Walgreens.


  1. That’s so great how knowledgeable the pharmacist was in explaining the type of medication you need for your condition. You can definitely see that there’s not a one size fits all answer when it comes to medical advice.

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