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I don’t know a single person who didn’t grow up with Kool-Aid.  It’s an American tradition!  I remember making pitchers of it while babysitting for the kids in the neighborhood.  They loved any flavor and it made me the coolest babysitter on the block!  My favorite was always Cherry, but they’ve got such a variety of flavors that I’m sure I haven’t tried every one.  The thing I’ve always loved about Kool-Aid is how easy it is to make, how the whole family enjoys it, and how many different flavors there are!  Plus, it’s inexpensive, which is always a plus when you’re caring for a family!  I’m sure you have memories of Kool-Aid.  What are your fondest?

Now Kool-Aid’s making it even easier to enjoy their many varieties, by offering coupons and activities on their Kool-Aid Facebook page!  You can download your coupon, check a schedule of upcoming Sunday movie nights, and download movie-specific bingo cards to play during the movie!  Plus, each bingo card has a different Kool-Aid recipe.  What, you’ve never thought of using Kool-Aid for anything except drinking plain?  There’s SO much you can do with Kool-Aid!  From Kool-Aid smoothies and punches to Kool-Aid cakes, pies or ice creams, or even deep fried Kool-Aid!  Check out many of the Kool-Aid recipes, or let us know if you have a favorite of your own!

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