Gifts For Mothers Pouchee Plus Review

Gifts For Mothers

Gifts For Mothers

What comes to mind when you think about gifts for mothers?  As a mother of 2 little girls myself, I think of ways to be organized.  I sometimes think (well I will be honest) I ALWAYS think that if my head weren’t attached I would misplace it! I try very hard to keep things orderly in my life but my biggest issue is my purse and or diaper bag.  They are like black holes that swallow up all my stuff never to be seen again.  I was so pleased to work with Pouchee again to review their Pouchee Plus.  The Pouchee Plus is a larger version of the originial Pouchee that can also be used as a purse.  I fell in love with it from the picture online…so you could imagine my happiness when it arrived at my door!

Purse Organizer

Pouchee Plus Purse Organizer

The Pouchee Plus Purse Organizer is not only the best purse organizer ever invented but it also doubles as a super cute purse!  With an optional strap this gem can easily go from my purse or diaper bag directly to my shoulder for those last minute errands.  Sometimes I just don’t want to lug the diaper bag in or carry my purse because let’s face it we all carry way to much stuff in our purse and they are entirely too heavy.  The features of the Pouchee Plus are a little different than the traditional Pouchee because its a purse as well.  The outside pockets are deep and stay nice and close to the purse so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out.  All of the credit card slots are on the inside for protection, there is a divided section and a zippered pocket on the inside as well.  It has a strong magnetic closure so your items stay secure.  There is plenty of room for all your must have items including: money, sunglasses, keys, phone, makeup, credit cards, mints, gum, hand sanitizer and in my case a spare diaper and travel pack of wipes.  The Pouchee Plus is a great size and I love how organized it keeps me.  I don’t feel so frazzled looking for my things because they all have their designated spot in my Pouchee Plus.  I chose the Cocoa Bronze color and its beautiful.  It goes well with everything in my wardrobe and fits my style perfectly.

Pouchee also carries Pouchee Orginial, Outback, The Posh Collection, Jewelry Traveler and a Tote Display.  They come in a variety of colors, patterns and textures.  You can purchase a Pouchee Plus like mine for $32.00.  Check them out on Facebook for their latest releases!
Pouchee is a sponsor of the Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Event May 1-18, 2012.  Make sure you Like them on Facebook, Twitter and check out their website:  http://pouchee.com  to win a Pouchee Plus as part of the final package!

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