Glad Black Bag Blog Tour


Glad Black Bag Blog Tour

I was so happy to be selected to participate in the Glad Black Bag Blog Tour, I am very picky about my trash bags and Glad has always been my bag of choice!  I was sent the Glad Extra Strong ForceFlex Large Trash Drawstring Bags (30 Gallon).  They arrived just in time for a big party we had at our house.  I always use my outside trash cans because the little one in the house fills up so fast when you have 25 people throwing items away.  The bag fit perfect and snug on my outside trash can. I ended up only using one bag because it was a nice large size and the ForceFlex enabled us to push down the trash and add more.  I love that these Glad Black Bags are tear resistant because there is nothing worse then pulling a trash bag out and it breaking/leaking all over the place!  Clean up was super easy we filled up our trash bag, tied the drawstring closed, put the lid on it and voila it was ready to be picked up for garbage day!  I have also used the bags to pick up leaves/sticks in the yard and for my daughter’s nap mat/blanket that she brings to school (it has held up great seeing as though she drags it on the ground half the time)!

Glad Black Bag Art Auction

Glad is embracing “Life’s Wild Moments” and encouraging Moms to do the same…as Moms we know these wild moments happen usually at the most inopportune times but with Glad bags clean up is a breeze!  Currently the Glad Black Bag Art Auction is taking place on eBay.  This is a wonderful partnership with famous mosaic artist, Jason Mecier, the Picker Sisters and Keep America Beautiful (KAB).  They have gotten together and found new and smart ways to reuse trash.  I was amazed at what Jason Mecier created out of trash, beautiful works of art I would be happy to display in my home.  The Picker Sisters business was built on turning other peoples trash into treasure (literally)!  The partnership was a huge success because the works of art Jason Mecier created are divine and I still can’t believe they were made out of trash.  Their vision and creativity are astounding.
 Celebrated mosaic artist Jason Mecier will create four works of art utilizing people’s trash or “wild life remnants,” including items collected during GACs from across the country, as well as items donated by celebrities, such as Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Raphael Sbarge (Once Upon A Time) and Nathan Kress (iCarly). These works of art will be auctioned off during the Glad® Black Bag art auction on eBay for consumers to bid on, from April 16 through April 26, with proceeds benefiting KAB’s Great America Cleanup.
I think this campaign is wonderful, such an eye opener for me as to what can be done with things we all throw out on a daily basis.  My outlook on my trash has changed and now I find myself wondering how to re purpose items before throwing them away.  I love all four of the works of art Jason Mecier created but my favorite is the raccoon.
Look closely and see what you can spot, who would have though you could make this amazing piece of art from an egg carton, paint brush, light bulb, CD, plastic forks, bottle caps, paper clips and the list goes on.  Check out the auction and bid on these one of a kind works of art!
I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Glad Black Bag and received a Glad Black Bag product and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.
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