Green Carpet Cleaning with Green Choice

I am always very conscience of the products I use at home for household cleaning. There is an increasing amount information that has become available over the years that has brought awareness to the harmful toxins in so many of our everyday cleaning products. More and more companies are now offering a line of products that are non-toxic or green besides their primary brand. Something that this has carried over to is carpet cleaning. The products that are used on our carpeting affect our children, pets and us. I am glad to see there are carpet-cleaning companies who are following this trend, and now cleaning with non-toxic cleaners.

Green Carpet Cleaning

A company called Green Choice was way ahead of the times when they first started out 20 years ago. They are a natural, organic, green carpet cleaning service. This translates into green alternatives to the usual chemically based cleaning. Carpet cleaning products that are used traditionally usually contain ingredients that are considered to be health risks. However, Green Choice uses only green ingredients that are not only safe with children and pets, but are also biodegradable.

If you suffer from allergies, green cleaners help to eliminate any allergic reactions. Using a green cleaning service will help eliminate reactions to chemicals and residues that can cause reactions in allergy suffers. Also, the cleaning process itself reduces allergens found in carpeting such as dust mites, dust, pet dander, and dust. Those who have allergies traditionally find a huge relief from the symptoms after having their carpet cleaned.

Some information I was not aware of, and that you may find interesting, is that at one point the EPA had actually sent out warnings and recall threats about many of the well-known carpet cleaning chemicals or products due to their potential toxicity.  In 2001 the EPA asked for a recall on the popular carpet treatment Scotch guard, which had been used for more than 50 years!  A couple of years later, in 2003, 3M Dupont did release a new chemical make-up of Scotch Guard they claimed was safer, but this new formula is still regarded as a Persistent Organic Pollutant.  This means that prolonged exposure to it can lead to various health problems and disorders.

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