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My family loves to be in the kitchen and cook although these days I find it difficult to enjoy cooking because we are so busy. I really like to find cookbooks and recipes that are simple and easy to follow. I find that I enjoy being in the kitchen more if my son can help, although it can be a bit tedious with a three year old!
I was very interested in finding a cookbook with recipes my son could make. He is a very resourceful little boy and is very independent too. Handstand Kids was what I was looking for. Their kids cookbooks have pictures and words for the recipes so it helps little ones to visualize the end product. Although he cannot read he knows what most foods look like so he can help get the ingredients out of the refrigerator and cabinets. We always call it a treasure hunt and he loves it.
We received the Mexican Cookbook and decided to make ‘Grilled Cheese into Quesadillas’. This is an easy recipe to make and the cookbook says it’s a level two or two avocados. We started with a flour tortilla and my son added cheese and some cooked chicken then he put on the second tortilla. He of course wanted to help flip it and surprisingly kept it in the pan! From start to finish this took less than 10 minutes. I usually have everything for a Mexican meal in the pantry because my kids love tacos and guacamole too.
This cookbook is great. Each page gives you the ingredients in both English and Spanish. It tells you how many people it should serve and the level of difficulty. The instructions are made to follow with ease and most recipes have no more than ten. The page also gives alternative ingredients and has a testimonial by one of the Handstand Kids who are introduced to you at the beginning of the book. Although it’s geared towards an older child we have used this cookbook on numerous occasions and each time loved the outcome.
You can buy a cookbook kit at Handstandkids.com or at select Bed Bath and Beyond locations for $25.00. Handstand Kids is also giving away one lucky person a copy of the same Mexican Cookbook I received!

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  1. Felix

  2. Glenna F. says:

    I like the Italian cookbook set.

  3. Andrea Amy says:

    i would say my favourite is Izzy because I can relate to the picky eater story as I have 5 children, 3 of whom are very picky eaters.

  4. My favorite handstand kid is Izzy

  5. My favorite is Ari because her favorite food is cookies!

  6. gabby

  7. Anne Lehnick says:

    My favorite is Ari

  8. Dianna Thomas says:

    From the handstand Kids I relate to Izzy –he is my Jesse– picky–and funny

  9. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    My favorite is Ari! Mexican wedding cookies… yum!

  10. Danielle Williams says:

    My Fav is Gabby her birthday is really close to my sisters!

  11. Kimberly Bauer says:

    I like Izzy

  12. Trung Nguyen says:

    I like the Chinese Cookbook Kit

  13. izzy he sound like the granson i got

  14. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    My favorite is Ari, she sounds like my daughters.

  15. My favorite Handstand Kids character is Felix.

  16. Jessica Harlow says:

    My favorite is Izzy!

  17. Marvin

  18. stacey h says:

    my fav one is Izzy

  19. Devona Fryer says:

    Handstand Kids Basket

  20. Judy Bradley says:

    I like Ari – she likes to help others and she likes Mexican Wedding Cake cookies too!

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