Baby Musical Toy Hello Baby Lamaze PuppyTunes Review

Baby Musical Toy

Baby Musical Toy

Several of my friends are expecting bundles of joy soon, I was searching for a special gift for them when I was given the opportunity by Hello Baby to review the Lamaze PuppyTunes Baby Musical Toy.  The first thing I noticed about the puppy when I took it out of the package was it was nice and big with dimensions of 22cm x 20cm x 16cm.  The colors and patterns were vibrant and engaging.  They will visually stimulate babies for that I am sure.  It has a nice large clip on top for attaching to the crib, stroller or car seat.  The clip is easy to use for the parent but will withstand the play of a child.  Each leg plays a different musical sound which catches the babies attention.  The puppy is super cute with its big happy face and vanilla scent (which is my favorite part, how many toys smell like vanilla?).  It actually made me want one to snuggle up with myself!

Perfect Baby Shower Gift

The Lamaze Puppytunes Baby Musical Toy is the perfect baby shower gift.  It’s a gift that they will be able to play with for several years and get the maximum enjoyment out of it.  It’s reasonably priced at 12.99€.  I know when my friend receives this toy at her baby shower she will love it!  I know this because I briefly let my daughter give it a test run and she loved it!

Online Nursery Shop

Hello Baby is an online nursery shop based out of the UK, they have a wonderful selection of baby products (including eco-friendly products).  Their products are unique and most of the brands they carry you can’t find here in the United States.  I love that because of the Internet we can have access to products sold all over the world.  Hello Baby not only has an online nursery shop, but a blog and baby advice section as well.  They have great articles on their blog and awesome baby advice.  It’s nice to know that Mom’s & Dad’s all over the world deal with the same types of issues.  I have gleamed new insight into the way they handle certain situations and am using it in my quest to be the best parent I can be!  Hello Baby carries: baby toys, nursery furniture, travel and safety products.  Check them out on Facebook for special offers!

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