Design With Vinyl


wall decalsI received two flying duck decals, a ghost decal, and a burnt orange colored decal that said “wobble till you gobble” with a turkey beside the words for free for this review. I received them from design with vinyl. I love this product because I had no problems getting them up onto my wall. I put them up in my nephews room to go with his hunting theme. I know that he enjoys them as much as I do. The products came in a long, skinny box. As I peeled back the little ghost for my nephews door, it came off with no problem! With the small duck, it was pretty easy to pull off of the white part of the paper and place onto the wall, and after it was up on the wall it was a little bit more difficult to peel back due to the smaller pieces to it. With the few minutes it took me to put up these items I had so much fun doing it! This was easy and if you don’t find something of interest that is already made, then you can always make one yourself! Depending on what you want to make and how big you want it will determine the cost. But for the most part it’s just that simple to do. There are thousands of adhesive wall decals to choose from. The flying duck decal is $16.95, and the ghost decal is $15.95. With every decal (including the premade ones) you can pick and choose what color you want it to be in. They have a variety of colors to choose from, from black to even the wildest of colors! These adhesive wall decals also have a variety of subjects to choose from as well, from a babies room to sports. The adhesive wall decals were easy and in my opinion easy on the pocket. I was compensated with the above product, but all opinions are mine.

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