Installing A #T3Source Shower Filter

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for T3. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating. Once I received the product I was pretty excited to try it out. I had heard great things about the T3 Source Shower Filter. You can get it already as the shower head as shown on the Sephora T3 Product Page or you can get the inline filter like I did as shown on the Nordstrom T3 In-Line Product Page. I chose the inline because I have a shower head that I am currently in love with, but I really wanted to try the benefits the T3 Source Shower Filter had to offer. I live in the city and we have a ton of chlorine in our water. I color my hair quarterly and the chlorine just strips away the color faster than I would like. The older I get the more grey comes in and the more I need to color my hair. I am hoping the water filter will help me keep my hair appointments quarterly and not bi-monthly. A survey of public water shows that regular household water can contain half as much chlorine as a swimming pool. Wow! That is insane, but I could have figured because more than once I have commented how our tap water tastes and smells like the pool. The T3 Source Shower Filters use a patented formula of Tourmaline, precious metals and minerals to help remove 95% of chlorine from shower water. Woot! Now that is water I’d like to drink! Since the largest organ on your body is on the outside soaking up all that water, clean is good. Chlorine is also the culprit behind dry hair and skin.

Shower Filter 2

The T3 Source Shower Filter is really easy to install. All you need to do is remove your current shower head. After unpacking the T3, just screw on the filter right to the pipe sticking out of the wall. Plumbers tape is recommended to get a good seal.

Shower Filter

Then attach your shower head back on as you would on the pipe. Here is an installation video to show you how simple it can be.

The T3 Source In-Line Shower Filter suggested retail price is $70 and around $25 for the replacement filters every four to five months. You can get beautiful hair and skin by getting the purest water for your showers. Here are the benefits of the T3 Source In-Line Shower Filter

  • Clinically proven to make hair healthier and more beautiful
  • Enhances the vibrancy and retention of hair color
  • Proven to help skin be less dry, retain more moisture and look healthier
  • Makes skin noticeably softer and smootherThe Science of FabulousThrough a filtration process called “Redox”, T3 Source Shower Filters transform chlorine into harmless elements that are too large to be absorbed by hair and skin. The patented technology effectively removes more chlorine over a broader temperature range than other similar filters.
  • 64% Reduction in Frizz
  • 28% Increase in Body
  • 47% Increase in Comb-ability
  • 28% Increase in Shine

Shower Filter 3

The Copper, Zinc, Calcium work together to convert and remove chlorine while the Tourmaline produces negative ions. The negative ions help to reduce water cluster size. This improves filtration and helps to balance the water PH. It has a reminder turn-style disk right on the filter so you will have a daily reminder (when you take a shower) of when it needs to be changed. To further connect with the brand make sure to follow their social media accounts on the T3 Facebook page  and follow along the other moms and their experiences with the #T3Source Hashtag on Twitter.

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