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The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Fishermen are always trying to find a better way to fish and catch fish. Improvements in gear technology and inventions like the fish finder and depth meter make it exciting for the average angler to come equipped with all the newest toys. Best Buy is now offering the Solo Drone from 3DRobotics and fishing is going to start looking a lot different.


How A Drone Can Be Used For Fishing

I have two boats that are used for fishing and neither allows you to see very far. Classy fishing boats have towers that allow anglers to see further away and spot potential targets. Imagine using your drone to scour over the waves in search for bait and fish. It’s the first-ever drone powered by two integrated Linux computers, making fish finding easy for anyone.

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Bait: You are never going to catch fish without catching some bait first. Anglers enjoy catching bait sometimes as much as catching fish. Imagine having your drone skip out over the water in search for the ripples that show a delicious bait ball. Birds, trickles in the water, and other signs will help you find the bait, but the Solo Drone is unmatched in it’s ability to help the fisherman find bait. Bait balls move quickly and it’s not easy to keep up. Next time, you can sit on the beach or your boat and let the high quality video scan the waves.


Fish: We don’t always have the time to drive around in circles looking for the fish. You know how they are…sneaky. The Solo Drone allows the crafty angler to follow the mangroves and find where the fish are biting. Bring it back home and set out with poles in hand. It ‘s easier than it’s ever been to sneak up on the fish.

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Best Buy is your final destination for drones, including the brand new Solo by 3DR.  There is still time left to explore for Father’s Day. This intelligent drone is the first to offer total control of GoPro cameras and offer live HD video to your mobile device or through the controller’s HDMI port for live broadcasts. The future is here. BestBuy is breaking out the Solo Drone just in time for Father’s Day. Imagine the look for favorite fisherman is going to give you as he unwraps his new drone. The Solo retails for $999 at Best Buy.

What’s another cool way you could use your drone?

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