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interactive games for kids

Interactive Games For Kids

When I find interactive games for kids I get so excited.  In this day and age of technology, kids are getting more and more lazy it seems.  They sit on the couch playing video games for hours instead of playing outside and being active.  I promised myself that when I had kids I wouldn’t allow them to play video games all day.  I would make them be active and keep them busy with fun educational games.  When I came across Magic Moves Electronic Wand I knew it would be perfect for my daughters.  Educational Insights was generous enough to provide one for us to review.

Entertaining Preschoolers At Home

Entertaining preschoolers at home is a full time job.  They require a variety of activities to keep them busy and my day running smoothly.  Magic Moves is a wand with a big ball on the top and a smaller one on the bottom.  It kinda looks like a microphone, so much so my little one (2) kept singing into it…gotta love their imagination!  It also came with batteries which was a huge bonus, I always hate getting a toy not realizing it needs batteries and not having what you need when the kids want to play with it.  I actually gave this game to my daughter for her birthday this past week and it was a hit!  We opened the package, turned it on and started playing within seconds.  The on/off switch is really easy to operate and it has 2 volume settings which is nice because sometimes the games can be really loud.  The front of the wand has a play and repeat button.  When you turn it on, it immediately lights up with music and then gives you instructions on what to do.  Hit play button, listen for the movement and then do the movement.  If you want to do it again you just hit repeat.  Super simple and easy to get the hang of.

There are 90 movements, 26 different music tunes each having their own light sequence.  My oldest is 5 and she got the hang of it pretty quick.  My youngest 2, is at the perfect age for monkey see monkey do…so she was imitating her sister.  It was really cute to watch and she really enjoyed being a big girl and getting to play with everyone.  We were away on vacation for her birthday so everyone got in on the fun (auntie, grandma, grandpa and daddy).  Some of our favorites were fly like a bird, run like an ostrich and hop like a frog.  The thing I love about this game is that they are not only getting up and exercising but they are learning gross motor skills, listening, creative movements all while having fun and being together as a family.  It’s for ages 3+ but my 2 year old is having a ball and all the adults really enjoyed getting to act silly during family time.  You can purchase Magic Moves Electronic Wand for $19.99.  Educational Insights carries a full line of educational toys, games and classroom supplies.  They have something for everyone on your holiday list.

Educational Insights is a sponsor of Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids Event November 12-22, 2012.  Make sure you like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and check out their website http://www.educationalinsights.com to win Magic Moves Electronic Wand as part of the final package!

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