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Kidz Gear Headphones
I have a three year old little boy that loves music and watching TV in the car when we often drive five hours to our home town. I have tried numerous headphones and ear buds and I have trouble with them all. Either the headphones don’t stay on or simply don’t fit right and don’t get me started on ear buds for kids!

I was excited to find the company Kidz Gear online so my son could try headphones that fit him. Kidz Gear was founded by Laurie Peterson who is a mom so I had a suspicion they would really fit a child’s head! She wanted to make kids size products that were not of substandard quality without breaking your budget.

We received their full product line to try which in itself was wonderful. I was so pleased they came just as we were leaving for another trip. We tried the wired headphones first and they actually fit his head and stayed on!!! He doesn’t have to hold them constantly now and he leaves them on which means that I get to listen my audio books on our long drives. He adjusts the volume himself which is nice if I am driving by myself. He used to need me to turn the volume up and down and that is a very hard thing to do when he is sitting behind you!

The Kidz Gear wireless headphones work just the same as the wired headphones but with no worry about the wires, hint “wireLESS”. This is the pair that my 15 month old uses with the built-in DVD system since she is still so little. Not having to worry about the wires with a toddler is HUGE! She still takes them off but it makes it that much easier to put them back on. She can even put them on herself most of the time. They take three AAA batteries which last awhile and are easy to change. The sound quality is just as good with the wireless headphones. When she falls asleep in the car and pushes them off her head, they automatically turn off. As long as you follow the directions and use these with the proper products these headphones work great.

My son also uses the Kidz Gear headphones with an iPad when he is at grandma and grandpa’s house. The sound quality is great! These headphones are specifically designed for Apple products and we also use these if we are at a function and the kids want to play a game on our phone.

My best friend’s little boy wears glasses and also tried the headphones and they were much more comfortable to him than any other pair they have tried. They did not push the glasses against his head so they hurt when he wore them. I recommend these to everyone that has any trouble with headphones for their child, especially glasses.

Kidz Gear is also giving one reader one of each of their products!

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