Top Ten Reasons To Learn To Play Music

Top Ten Reasons To Learn To Play Music

If you have ever thought about taking music or voice lessons, you are in good company. A recent poll found that almost 25% of the US population can play a musical instrument. The fastest growing population of people interested in learning to play or sing are adults ages 25-55. Research has also shown there are many benefits for learning to play music or sing. Here are some great reasons:

    1. Build Self Esteem
    2. Build Brain Function
    3. Learn To Focus
    4. Build Mathematical Skills
    5. Increase Intelligence
    6. Express Yourself Artistically
    7. Connect With Others
    8. Increase Listening Skills
    9. Develop A New Skill
    10. Build Character

Learn To Play Music

I think it is so important to teach your kids to play music. My son, Mason, is very talented at the young age of three. I have been teaching him how to play the guitar, and we will soon enroll him in professional lessons. If you want to take lessons, you will want to find a qualified teacher who has experience working with students of all levels. Take Lessons is a company with years of experience in connecting students with qualified teachers. Take Lessons has helped over 30,000 students find over 7,500 teachers to help them learn to play music or sing, in over 3,000 cities in the USA. If you want to take music lessons that are backed by a money back guarantee and no contract, Take Lessons is a great company to work with. You can pay by the month as well as by the quarter and if you have any questions, their excellent customer service department if there to answer any questions you may have.

To find a teacher, you just fill out the search parameters and you will be shown a list of qualified teachers in your area. You can narrow your search by filtering your information by teacher ratings, in home lessons or in studio, and availability. Once you have a list of available teachers in your desired area, you can see each instructors page which gives you their student ratings, the age and skill level they teach at as well as a short bio on the teacher themselves. Once you choose your instructor, you will contact them via email and then they will contact you to schedule your first lesson. If you choose to take lessons between now and April 1st, you will receive 20% off your total, by using SPRINGMUSIC at checkout.

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