Learning Laptop For Kids Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr Laptop Review

Learning Laptop For Kids

Learning Laptop For Kids

My daughter is obsessed with my laptop and always wanted to play on mine, I was on the hunt for a learning laptop for kids.  I came across the Geosafari Jr. Laptop from Educational Insights, they were generous enough to send one to me for review.  I breathed a sigh of relief, finally she would get off my back and have her very own laptop! The GeoSafari Jr. Laptop Jr. is for ages 3+ and Pre-K – 2nd grade, my daughter is 4.5 years old so she is the perfect age.  The day it arrived she couldn’t wait to open the box and learn how to use it.  We sat down together and went over the features.  It comes with 63 double-sided lesson cards that conveniently store right inside the laptop; the lessons cover math readiness and reading, beginning science/social studies and various other laptop activities.  It has 3 different modes of play: 1 player, 2 player and 2 player head to head.

Learning Through The Eyes Of A Child

Learning through the eyes of a child is one of the most amazing things I have had the pleasure of doing since I became a mother.  My daughter blows me away everyday at how quickly she can learn and master a skill.  After our first session playing with the laptop she was ready to go on her own.  She picked her lesson card, entered her numerical code (love that she knows all her numbers) and she was off running all on her own.  She was able to breeze through the beginning lessons with ease and really enjoyed pushing the buttons, I would say the lights and sounds were one of her favorite things.  She loved it when she got it right before the timer went off.  The Laptop Jr. has been a great tool, keeping her skills fresh this summer while school is out.  I know she will continue to use this as school gets back in session in the Fall.  If you are looking for an educational tool to help your children then you must check out the GeoSafari Jr. Laptop Jr.  You can purchase this laptop for $74.99.

Educational Insights carries a wonderful selection of educational learning toys, games, activity sets, manipulatives, puzzles as well as teacher resources.  Education is the key and I love their products for their quality and educational value.  Check them out on Facebook!

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