Lessons Your Kids Can Learn From The Winter Olympics #NetflixKids

Lessons Your Kids Can Learn From The Winter Olympics

My kids are not super sports oriented, but they do enjoy playing soccer and softball. When it comes to watching sports on TV, the kids will usually watch whatever my husband has on. I am not one for sports on any level, unless it is watching the kids play. The one thing my family can agree on when it comes to watching sports on TV is the winter Olympic games. This year, we have been enthralled with the gorgeous backdrop of Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics. We have been shouting “U.S.A” so much the neighbors probably thing we are nuts! Did you know the Olympics teach your kids while they enjoy the excitement of the games? They can pick up some great life lessons from watching the winter Olympics!


We tune in to see our Team USA perform at their best to bring home the gold at the winter Olympics. We sit on the edge of our seats as we literally watch the thrill of winning and sometimes the agony of defeat. What we may not be aware of is what the games and these athletes can be teaching our kids while they watch. The three things which are the foundation of the Olympic games are inspiration, teamwork and competition. When talking to your kids about these three areas, you can easily work it in while you are watching the games. You can tell your kids about how inspiration the athletes are with how much hard work, dedication, and sacrifice they experience. You can offer examples from your life where you have worked hard or sacrificed to attain something in your life. When talking about teamwork, you can show your kids how being part of a family takes team work. You can tell them how a team would never win without working together and putting 100% of our efforts in for the goodness of the entire team. When talking about competition, your kids probably already know how great winning feels.

a mile in his shoes

This is the perfect time to speak with them about good as well as poor sportsmanship. You can ask them how they would feel if they cheated to win and why that is not winning at all. If you want to reinforce these points, Netflix has some wonderful family movies and TV shows available. My kids are older, so we decided to watch 2 movies offered on Netflix; The Short Game and A Mile In His Shoes. We chose The Short Game, which is a documentary about kids who competed on the Pinehurst Golf course in North Carolina, because my son and husband love golf. It was perfect for showing the kids all about dedication, hard work and sacrifice. We watched A Mile In His Shoes because it had a character with Asperger’s Syndrome, which our son has. It was a wonderful example of teamwork, acceptance and sheer determination. You can watch these and many other titles which re available on Netflix any time you like! Streaming unlimited shows and movies through your TV or mobile device is affordable and so easy to do! All you need to do is sign up for your account, choose your plan and start enjoying tons of family and adult programming.

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