Little Looster Review

Little Looster

I was fortunate enough to not have to potty train my son. He did it himself for the most part. It seemed like the magic number was two and he started to do all of the big boy things. That’s not to say that he did not have accidents from time to time but man I got lucky! He always insisted on standing up like daddy though so we have always had to have stools in the bathroom. A lot of them were too short and just plain annoying to have in the bathroom. For those reasons I was very interested in trying the Little Looster Booster.

The Looster Booster arrived and my son knew instantly that it was a stool that wrapped around the potty. He took out (more like tossed) the one that was in there and fit the Looster around the toilet. And of course he just had to test it out. Being a boy who stands up the aim was perfect. When he had to sit down to do his business his feet reached the Looster and he was very comfortable. The only downfall I see to Looster is that it may not fit in a smaller half bathroom or powder room but a full size bathroom should be fine!

My daughter, who is not potty trained yet, also loves to sit on the Looster and brush her teeth. She also climbs onto the potty with the lid closed and ‘sits’ like her brother. Maybe I’ll have it easy with her too! Do you think it’s only for going potty? Well you’d be wrong! My son loves to take it out of the bathroom and play with it in his room. He uses it as a cave for his trains. Sometimes he’ll make it so that a track goes through and other times he just uses his push trains. He has a blast!

The Looster Booster is available for purchase for $34.99.

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