Maew Says Meow For VetDepot

maewI have had my fair share of pets coming down with various types of ailments and having to go on medication.  Maintaining a healthy standard of living for a pet can be very expensive, especially since they do not have health insurance. I had one cat that had developed kidney stones and was put on a couple of different medications.  My current cat has crystals in her urine so I have her on medicated food.  Every once in a great while though she gets a urinary tract infection – between the vet bill and the medication it becomes quite the expense.

I am so excited to have found out about VetDepot.com.  They are a wholesale store for pets and the leading supplier of discount pet medications, pet supplies, and nutritional supplements for dogs, cats, and horses delivered right to your door. They sell only the best and freshest products manufactured for use only in the US, and all of the products they sell are identical to what your local vet carries. They carry items for dogs, cats, horses, fish, live stock, small pets and much more.  Quite the assortment of necessary products such as: heart worm treatment, dental care, calming aids, ear and eye care, skin and coat care, stain and odor removal, thyroid treatment, and a whole lot more!  Prescription medications you currently use will still require a prescription through VetDepot.com.  I like seeing the requirement of a prescription because self-diagnosing and self-treatment can be extremely harmful

We recently started using the Feliway plugin for our cat.  It helps reduce her stress, which in turn lowers the chances of her getting a urinary tract infection.  When we purchased the refill for the plugin, it was $30 at a local store.  VetDepot.com sells the refill for the plugin at half of what we spent, for $15.57.  That is a huge savings and one that is advantageous for us. There is a free shipping option for purchases over $69 in all 48 contiguous states, the only exceptions are vaccines and certain heavy items are accepted.

I highly recommend looking in to VetDepot.com for all your pet needs and see if you can reduce your pet expenses without reducing the quality!

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