Mattel Polly Pocket Review

Mattel Polly Pocket

Mattel Polly Pocket

Well it’s official Mattel Polly Pocket sets are the new favorite things to play with in my house.  After our last Polly Pocket review, the girls continued to play with the set and were beyond excited to see the next box come in the mail.  The day the Playtime Pet Shop arrived the girls were jumping up and down as I was opening the package!  It included the Polly Pocket Playtime Pet Shop Play set and a Polly Pocket DVD (Friends Finish First).  We have a good size table in our playroom so it is prime real estate for the setup of our Polly Pocket play sets.

Polly Pocket DVD

Polly Pocket DVD

I popped in the Polly Pocket DVD and both girls sat down to watch what was happening before their eyes.  The DVD is so adorable and was extremely entertaining not only to them but I enjoyed it as well!  I like to watch everything they watch to make sure its appropriate for them.  Their favorite part of the DVD was the girls roller skating.  It had a great message about friendship and was a very positive quality show.  Playing with the play sets after watching the DVD was interesting because they were trying to reenact some of the scenes in the DVD with what they had…love it when they use their imagination!  The run time was 22 minutes and of course in true fashion they wanted to watch it over and over!

The Pet Shop Playset was awesome, both of the kids love animals and thoroughly enjoyed playing with them.  This set was different than the last set in that it had a spinning carousel for the pets, a slide and a treat dispenser, which was my 2 year old’s favorite part.  This set didn’t have the suction bottoms, although I prefer them the girls didn’t seem to care.  All of the littlest details were covered in this set from the animal carrier, pet toys, leashes and towel to dry off after a bath.  The pieces are very small and these sets are for ages 4+ but because my two are together all the time I watched my little one very closely and she was really good about not putting anything in her mouth.

After a little while they asked to setup all the Polly Pocket stuff so they could play with it all at the same time.   They were in Polly Pocket heaven…playing and playing!  I love to hear them pretending to bark or meow and then talking back and forth about what they are going to do next…it is the sweetest thing to witness!

A lot of the time my oldest 5 doesn’t like to have little sister 2 play with her especially with her dolls. But there was just something about the Polly Pocket play sets that changed all that.  My little one idolizes her big sister and she is so happy to be included.  Recently when shopping for the youngest birthday, big sister picked out a few Polly Pocket products to give her little sister…it doesn’t get any better than that!

I thought the first shipment of Polly Pocket products was great and the second one was icing on the cake!  The Polly Pocket play sets have been wonderful and they do have the market cornered especially with all of the little details covered, I like how the main playset comes with everything you need to play and you don’t have to buy pieces separately.  They are super portable and made with quality materials…with as much as my girls love these sets they will be played with for hours and hours I am sure of it!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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