Building Friendships Bob The Builder Here To Help DVD Movie Review

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Building Friendships

It’s important to me that the shows my children watch send a good message, building friendships is such an important thing to learn at a young age.  I have two little girls ages 4 and 18 months, they are very much girly girls but have a love of the outdoors and big machinery because of their Dad.  We have a construction company so they are not strangers to loaders, dump trucks and bulldozers.  Ever since my oldest was little she has loved Bob The Builder and when we go to the amusements always wants to ride on the Bob The Builder ride, she loves singing the song.  I know it brings my husband great joy to know his girls love what he does for a living, since we won’t have anymore children (he has no chance of a little boy)!  When I was given the opportunity to review the new Bob The Builder Here To Help DVD, I was delighted.

Bob The Builder Can Do Crew

With each new job put before them, Bob The Builder Can Do Crew does their best to work together and get the job’s done.  All while building friendships, depending on each other and solving problems.  Each episode is full of action, as you see the job site come to life showing how each piece of equipment works and how when all of them work together they are able to complete each task on time for a job well done.  We love the bold colors and watching the job progress from start to finish.  My daughter’s favorite part was the music and especially enjoyed the bonus music videos of “My Dream Team” and “I’m Big and I’m Blue”.  Bob The Builder is a great show for girls and boys, its good wholesome material with tons of educational value.  You can find some great games and activities on the website that your little ones will have a blast playing for hours.
You can purchase this DVD for $9.98 and it includes these episodes: Lofty’s Helpful Day, Scrambler’s Stage Surprise, Wendy’s Birthday Surprise, Scratch’s Star Turn and Dizzy and the Wheelies.  The target audience is ages 2-7 years old.  HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate also carry Fireman Sam, Rainbow Magic and Thomas The Train.  Check them out on Facebook!
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