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Childrens Learning DVDs

I have started limiting the screen time in our house and prefer to watch childrens learning dvds.  It makes me feel better knowing that they are watching shows that are educational and will stimulate them.  Each day when the mail comes, the kids beg me to go out and check the mail.  My oldest (4) says, is there anything for me?  Most days the answer is no, but on DVD days if she could do a back flip she would!  She loves to get a new DVD to add to her library.  We were given the opportunity to review Elmo’s World Favorite Things by Sesame Workshop and Warner Home Video and were so excited the day it arrived.  Of course, it was the DVD we watched for our TV time that day and everyone was overjoyed!

Elmos World Segments

The DVD includes eight of the most popular Elmos World Segments: building things, school, birthdays, friends, pets, games, beach and dinosaurs. The main characters in the segments are Elmo, Dorothy his pet fish, Mr. Noodle and Miss Noodle. The segment about building things is the DVD premiere.  It’s about construction (development, sandcastles, play structures with blocks).  Dorothy asks a question: How do you build a tower with blocks?  Miss Noodle shows how she would do it, then an older child shows how they would do it and then Elmo asks a baby to build a tower with blocks as well.  Each is a tower with blocks but they all look completely different according to who is building it.  There is a section that reviews what tools you would use to build things and you need to pick it out among the others. Then a father and daughter build a dog house.  They work together every step of the way from drawing the plans, getting the supplies, cutting the wood, putting it together and painting it.  The construction lady has a cute little song about construction and it had the kids bobbing their heads.  My little one kept saying “saw, saw, saw”!  There is so much more interactive fun throughout this segment, your kids will be glued in their seats.

Elmos Favorite Things

In Elmo’s world: Elmos Favorite Things, children learn about counting and enumeration; building self-confidence; visual discrimination and matching; appreciating similarities and differences; and friendship and conflict resolution.  The emotional development and cognitive reasoning curriculums are reinforced for preschoolers as they have fun discovering and exploring new and exciting activities such as building, going to school, and celebrations

DVD Extras

This DVD is 2 hours, is full of wonderful lessons to be learned and includes DVD extras.  It kept the kids attention the entire time, which is saying alot with my girls.  Most of the time 30 minutes is the max I can get them to sit still and pay attention. When asked what her favorite part of the DVD was my daughter said “I liked the bulldozer, because my Daddy builds things with a bulldozer”!  The DVD extras include a menu game to review the educational curriculum, awesome tips for us parents and an activity book that can be downloaded.  You can purchase this DVD for $14.98 (which will be released on February 7, 2012).  Sesame Street also carries a full line of DVDs, books, games, T-shirts and toys.  Check them out on Facebook for the latest releases!

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  1. Richard Morris says:

    Elmo’s Potty Time DVD

  2. Adrienne gordon says:

    I like the Electric Company DVDS

  3. Shannon Baas says:

    I like the cookie monster beanbag.

  4. renee walters says:

    I like the games!

  5. Rap from a to Z with Elmo

  6. Beth Trubey says:

    I like the Neighborhood Fun 4-in-1 Activity Ride-On.

  7. Sarah Carroll says:

    We have been wanting to get this for our kinect : http://store.sesamestreet.org/Product.aspx?cp=21415&pc=6E148COMBO

  8. alena svetelska says:

    my favorite is Cookie Monster Beanbag

  9. I love all things Ernie!! My son loves Elmo & my daughter loves Ernie!!

  10. heather eg kaufman says:

    Elmo beanie.

  11. I like the craft idea section. We are going to make the Heart to Heart Window Art later today 🙂

  12. Rachael Leventhal says:

    Potty Time With Elmo Book

  13. i like their the love hug video

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  15. I like the literacy programs, and the OK Go and Sesame Street Team up to Teach Primary Colors

  16. I love Elmo’s A-to-Zoo Adventure Video Game – Nintendo Wii
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  17. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    I like the Cookie Monster Beanbag

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  18. Trung Nguyen says:

    I like the Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster Video Game – Xbox Kinect

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