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I thought my daughter was out of the baby food stage however one of my friends told me about giving their son some of the baby food pouches for snacks and freezing them for popsicles during the summer months. I thought this was a good idea especially if we were in a hurry to go somewhere or she could not eat what we were having for lunch or dinner. They also make good fruit to go into oatmeal if it is not in season at the grocery store.

I’d seen Peter Rabbit organics in a Starbucks of all places and wondered why they were in a coffee shop. I looked them up online and found they are a small privately owned company based in Oregon. I guess I just assumed they were a large national chain. They try to buy local ingredients made in the USA which is nice for the local economy. It is also reassuring to know that their organic fruit snacks have no artificial ingredients, salt or sugar.  I know I’ve said it before but I also love the convenient pouches and I only wish I had known about them when my son was born but I think they were new on the market.

My daughter loved all of the Peter Rabbit flavors. Banana and Apple seemed to be her favorite though. We think she may be part monkey because nowadays that’s about the only thing I can get her to eat since she is teething. I tasted the banana and apple flavor and I would say it has more of the banana taste than apple so that’s probably why she liked it so much.

Another flavor I was surprised she enjoyed so much was Pea, Spinach & Apple. To me it didn’t sound or look very good however she gobbled it right up. I could really taste the spinach flavor and actually when I thought about it, they are the same ingredients you put into a spinach salad. I even got my three year old to try it and at first he said it was yummy then he took another swig and had the opposite reaction so I think he’s on the fence! No surprise there though!

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  1. amy marantino says:

    peach and apple fruit snacks

  2. tracy simms says:

    the apple and grape fruit snacks and other items look good and are healthy..I would like to try these products for my sons. thanks, simms3710@yahoo.com

  3. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    Mmmm Strawberry & Banana sounds so good!

  4. mmm pumpkin, carrot and apple

  5. apple and grape fruit snacks

  6. MAngo Banana Orange is my favorite flavor

  7. nicole lewk says:

    I like the banana

  8. Trung Nguyen says:

    I like Mango, Banana & Orange

  9. susan hartman says:

    Strawberry & banana

  10. Kimberly Bauer says:

    Sweet potato, corn and apple

  11. gibberish (Julie G.) says:

    I think the peach & apple fruit snacks would be a hit with my granddaughter.

  12. My daughter would enjoy the Mango, Banana and Orange flavor!

  13. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    Strawberry and Banana looks great.

  14. Mango, banana and orange.

  15. Pumpkin, Carrot & Apple is the one that I think sounds delicious. My son would love the pear and apple one too!

  16. strawberry and banana fruit snacks!

  17. samantha clinton says:

    we havent tried these yet my baby is just about to start solids and these look really good!! the mango banana orage looks good and the pumpkin carrot apple looks interesting 🙂

  18. Maren Keen says:

    these sound great. I think mango banana orange is a great combo.

  19. Rachael Schroeder says:

    The peach apple ones sound great! My son can’t have banana which is a bummer, but my daughter will be able to soon. We LOVE healthy snacks!

  20. Katie Santiago says:

    Mango, Orange and Banana

  21. Tara Forehand says:

    apple and grape

  22. angie somers says:

    Apple and Grape

  23. Strawberry & Banana would be my 1st pick.

  24. kathy brower says:

    apple grape

  25. Strawberry and banana

  26. Peach & Apple

  27. Hollie Jahnke says:

    Apple and Grape Fruit snacks

  28. Melissa Erwin says:

    peach & apple fruit snacks!

  29. Keith james says:

    peach & apple

  30. Mango,Banana,Orange _ YUM

  31. sweet potato, corn and apple has 2 of my sons favorites so I’d go for that

  32. The sweet potato, corn and apple looks like a great flavor. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  33. mango, banana, orange sounds delicious!

  34. Ise Dunkley (Questions Mark) says:

    Mango, Banana & Orange fruit snack. I think m niece would love it.

  35. Tiffany S. says:

    The mango, banana & orange sounds delish!!!

  36. MRWriter says:

    I like the Veggie snacks like the Sweet Potato.

  37. I think Pear, Apple sounds delicious.

  38. Kelly Falcone says:

    I like the pumpkin carrot apple blend

  39. Kristi P says:

    My daughter would love pear and pea

  40. I love the mango banana and Orange

  41. Pumpkin, carrot and apple veggie blend

  42. Sarah Lehan says:

    peach & apple
    Thanks for the contest.

  43. jennifer miescher says:

    strawberry and banana sounds yummy

  44. I’d like to try the carrot, squash and apple!

  45. Jillian Tyre says:

    My little guy would probably enjoy the mango fruit snacks.

  46. AlexisGrau says:

    We’ve never tried Peter Rabbit but the Pear & Banana sounds delicious!

  47. peach & apple!

  48. steisy nissen says:

    my son loves the Sweet Potato, Corn and Apple Puree!

  49. Jessica Bleasdale says:

    apple and grape fruit snacks

  50. Jessica Bleasdale says:

    I follow on FB, SU, & Pinterst as Jacb Cody

    I follow on Twitter as @bleasdalefamily

  51. Amanda D says:

    sweet potato corn and apple is little ones fav….today

  52. ericka coello says:

    I like the Peas and Pears flavor

  53. I think the pumpkin pear & carrot sounds good.

  54. J Buenrostro says:

    I would like them to try banana and strawberry!

  55. Heather says:

    strawberry and banana!

  56. Peach and apple fruit snacks!

  57. Mango, Banana, Orange

  58. Definitely the strawberry and banana fruit snack…

  59. Cynthia K says:

    Strawberry Banana! Yummm!

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