Personalized School Supplies For Kids Frecklebox Review

Personalized School Supplie

Personalized School Supplies

Ever since I was little I have had an obsession with school supplies, I remember going to the store with my Mom each year and picking out my supplies.  I still remember my Trapper Keeper and cool Lisa Frank folders, it was the 80’s!  Back then they didn’t have personalized school supplies for kids, what I would have given to have stickers and folders with my name on them!  My daughter is starting preschool this year and I have been searching for personalized school folders and personalized stickers.  I was given the opportunity to review a variety of personalized items from Frecklebox.

Personalized Gifts For Kids

Personalized Gifts For Kids

Frecklebox has an amazing selection of personalized gifts for kids in all the kid friendly patterns!  You can choose from: planes, trains, unicorns, frogs, princess, pirate, pets, dinosaurs, owls, mermaids and the list goes on and on.  I received 4 items for review: personalized stickers, personalized school folder, personalized book and a personalized coloring book.  My daughter loves stickers so I picked a set of 12 ($3.95) of the Hearts and Flowers and Todd Parr Food.  She will be able to use these stickers on her folders, pencil case and anything else her heart desires.  They are brightly colored, a nice size, come 4 to a sheet and are a great quality sticker. The personalized school folder ($4.95) is Rainbow Hearts with a high gloss finish, inside there are 2 pockets which will come in handy for all her papers she will be bring to and from school come August!  The folder is thicker than your average folder so it will hold up better to the daily wear and tear it will get from my daughter.  My daughter’s birthday is coming up and she loves to read so I ordered a personalized book ($19.95).  Isabella and the Unicorn is the title and I knew it would be cute but I was blown away at the quality of the graphics (colors, images, text), the book itself is made from a high quality high gloss paper and is beautiful from cover to cover.  She loves unicorns and this little story is adorable.  I was also able to put a personal message in the front of the book just for her, I know this is a book that we will keep in her hope chest for her to read to her children one day!  The last item I received was a personalized coloring book ($6.95), I chose the Tea Party book and it was named Isabella’s Tea Party with each page telling a story of the tea party using her name throughout.  We are having a tea party birthday for her this year and this personalized coloring book will be perfect to give to each child as a keepsake of her birthday party.

All of the items I received from Frecklebox were wonderful, the quality superb and I know my daughter will enjoy and get a lot of use out of her new personalized Frecklebox treasures.  Frecklebox carries a wide variety of personalized gifts for kids including: personalized binders, personalized party favors, personalized puzzles, personalized lunch boxes, personalized notebooks and much more.  If you are looking for the perfect school supplies to get your kids this year you need to check out Frecklebox!  Visit them on Facebook for more personalized gifts!

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