Make Your Cat Purr With Happiness #ShebaCat

#shop Make Your Kitty Purr With Happiness #ShebaCat

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. I am a huge cat person and I would not be at all surprised if I were to become one of those scary cat ladies on television! My mom raised Irish Setter’s when I was growing up, so the focus was on the dogs. Once mom retired from raising and showing the dogs, we were finally able to get a kitten. We got a Siamese cat who we called Luv and we were totally in love with her. I have been a cat person ever since and have had them virtually my entire adult life. I have lived by my five rules to having a healthy and happy kitty and I wanted to share them with you. Here they are!


Five Tips To A Happy And Healthy Cat

  • Bring The Outdoors In: Although you may have an indoor kitty, they have an innate desire to be outdoors. To make an indoor cat happy, bring a few items from the outdoors inside for them. Plant a few pots of catnip and leave them throughout the house. Another great idea is to hang a bird feeder outside an accessible window so your cat can see their furry adversaries.
  • Safety: Make sure your kitty is safe by keeping any outdoor access closed up. The last thing you want is to have you inexperienced indoor kitty left to fend for themselves outdoors.

#shop #ShebaCat  Lazy Hazel

  • Playtime: Many cats prefer flying solo, but they will still need something to keep them busy. Provide them with scratching posts, ledges or stairs to jump from and toys to bat around.
  • Exercise: Even though kitty likes to have his alone time, he still needs time with you as well. The best thing to do is get him to move around during play time so you can bond while he gets some much needed exercise.
  • Diet: Making sure your furry friend has the best food possible is crucial to his health and longevity. In my house, we prefer to serve Sheba because we get real meal, poultry and seafood without the grains and corn.

#shop #ShebaCat Sweet Meep

I care as much about what Meep and Hazel eat as I do my kids. I consider the girls as much as a part of the family as any of the humans that inhabit their house. When I moved into our current house, we lost our cat of five years, Kimmy. The kids and I were devastated and it took us months before we felt we were ready to have another cat in the house. I decided I wanted 2 kittens and we got lucky when we found sisters who were available. These two are as different as night and day, both in their looks and behavior.

#shop #ShebaCat waiting

Hazel is black with some white and is almost 15 pounds and could not be bothered by just about anything going on around her. I can tell you one thing and that is the loyalty this cat has is astounding. When I had my surgery and then was put in the hospital with complications, she was glued to my side. Even now, 6 weeks later, she is never far from my side. As a matter of fact, the picture above is of her exaggeratedly showing me how awfully tired she is and is soon fast asleep and snoring my lap as I work on this post! She cracks me up!

#shop #ShebaCat Happy Hazel

My little Meep (which means happy in my son’s secret Autism language he made up) is my petite and delicate flower. This little nosy Nellie is the biggest busy body I have ever seen! She will turn at the slightest sound to see what is going on! She will rub against your legs and purr the loudest purr you have ever heard until you pick her up. BUT, do not let that fool you because what she really wants is her Sheba! These two are addicted to their Sheba like I am addicted to my diet coke. They are both at full attention the moment we walk into the kitchen and go to the “Sheba Shelf” for their dinner. Look at those two waiting for me to get their food and serve it to them!

#shop #ShebaCat Happy Meepy

I love knowing when I serve my girls Sheba, they are getting a healthy meal that they love. As a matter of fact, they will do a happy #ShebaCat dance when they know I am reaching for their cans. I am especially excited when I see Walmart has their favorite flavors on sale like they do right now for just 50 cents per can. You can choose from tasty delicacies like Salmon, Chicken, Turkey, and Whitefish and Tuna. Meep gets so excited about her Sheba that she often does not give me the chance to get it out of the can before she is trying to eat. I am lucky I do not pull back a stump half the time! Be sure to take advantage of the current “Buy 6 get 1 Free” coupon from the Sheba website.

#shop #ShebaCat Licking The Plate Clean

As much as I love my girls are eating well, I like knowing their food was sourced responsibly. Sheba follows the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program sourcing recommendations. This is a science-based, peer reviewed and ecosystem-based criteria, so all the Sheba entrees have only farmed or wild-caught fish from environmentally responsible sources. As you can see, Meep loves her Sheba so much that she not only licks her plate clean, but Hazel’s as well. Poor Hazel is twice the size of Meep, so by the time she tries to lick her plate, Meep has already beaten her to the punch! All I can say is I LOVE the Sheba brand ans I would not trust my babies food to anyone else. Be sure to follow Sheba on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Oh this made me miss having a cat! I grew up with them but my husband is allergic. Your cats seem to be LOVING Sheba!

  2. We don’t have a cat, but this sure looks like it would make any cat very happy!!

  3. You have really pretty cats!!

  4. I would love to have a cat but I am pretty sure my dog would not be a happy camper! They certainly licked that plate clean!

  5. My two cats Lily and Cocoa are Persians and they would love that food. They are huge fans of wet food and if they do not get it, they drive me nuts. They are both indoor cats and I have to watch the door carefully because they are curious.

  6. I am going to pick up a few cans at the store tonight to see how my cats like. 🙂

  7. Your sweet kitties remind me of brother and sister cats I had as a young teen – the boy was black with white accents and the girl was white with black accents. Brings back memories!

  8. Your cats are beautiful! We only have dogs now but if we add a cat, I’ll be sure to try this out!

  9. Very pretty kitty! My cats love when we bring catnip plants indoors. They eat them all up fast though!

  10. Kimberly D says:

    Your cats are beautiful!! My kitties like Sheba too. It’s nice to hear that their food is sourced responsibly!

  11. Those are some beautiful cats and great tips on keeping your cats happy & healthy! #client

  12. Good to know, I’ll pass this along to my neighbor with 2 cats!

  13. Your cats are beautiful!

  14. Such cute photos! Love when you make a cat happy with food they enjoy! #client

  15. Such pretty cats!!
    Our cat just discovered the joy of getting outside and enjoying the outdoors. And while we have a fenced yard, he still manages to get outside the game. Sheesh. we need to work on fixing that, to help keep him safer.

    Sheba is a great option for keeping kitty happy. Our cat sure loves SHeba catfood.

  16. You have beautiful kitty’s. My 8yo dd wants a cat so badly, but I am not a cat person!!

  17. We don’t have any pets. They’re a lot of responsibility and our 3 year old son keeps us plenty busy.
    Delighted to see how much your cats enjoyed the Sheba.

  18. I’ve never owned a cat but, they look like they are LOVING it! I’ve heard good things about Sheba.

  19. great tips!

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