Protection For Your iPad Otterbox Defender Series Case Review

Protection For Your iPad

Protection For Your iPad

Recently, my husband purchased the new iPad and the first thing I thought of was we need protection for your iPad!  He works in construction so he is in and out of his truck, a bulldozer and a utility vehicle.  The thought of him having this expensive piece of technology out in the elements made me very nervous to say the very least.  I have gotten countless phone calls saying can you order me a new phone, I ran mine over (this happens at least once a year)!  So you can imagine my hesitation with him having his iPad with him in the field.  But it is a useful tool for him as he uses it for a camera, notes, email and I am sure a game or two!  I was so happy to have the opportunity to review the Defender Series Case by Otterbox because then I knew my husbands new sidekick would have the ultimate protection!

Defender Series Case

The new iPad and iPad 2 Defender Series Case is the Cadillac of cases for your iPad.  It was constructed with care and attention to every little detail to provide your iPad with the utmost protection, still allowing you to use all of the functions of your iPad with ease.  It comes in 4 pieces and is very easy to put on.  The 2 polycarbonate pieces snap together firmly which provide solid impact protection.  There is a built in screen protector, which is a favorite feature for me because the ones you have to install yourself are difficult to get on correctly and super expensive!  Also, there are memory foam pads to cradle the iPad for additional shock absorption.  The 3rd piece is the silicone sleeve that wraps around the entire iPad protecting it from shocks and bumps.  The 4th piece is the shield stand which is genius in my opinion.  The shield is not only a stand for your iPad in portrait or landscape but it snaps onto the front of the iPad fully protecting the screen when its not in use or snaps onto the back when it is in use.  The stand is perfect for using in the kitchen while cooking your favorite recipe, watching a movie, or typing if you have a keyboard.  All of the ports are accessible and most importantly protected from dust, dirt and debris!  My husband has put his case to the test that is for sure and he has been extremely happy with the Defender Series Case by Otterbox.  Not only has it done well in the field with my husband but my kids have given it a beating as well.  I no longer feel like having a panic attack when they pick up the iPad because I know that its fully protected and my it puts my mind at ease.

You can purchase a case like mine for $89.95 and it comes in 5 additional colors.  We like the black because it’s not showing the dirt!  Otterbox carries a full line of protective products to suit all your needs.  Whether its a cell phone, iPod, iPad or Kindle they have a case to keep your most valued technology safe.  Check them out on Facebook for their latest releases!

Otterbox is a sponsor of the Father’s Day Event June 10-18, 2012.  Make sure you like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and check out their website www.otterbox.com to win an iPad Defender Series case as part of the final package!

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