Purse Storage Solutions Pursenal Butler Review

Purse Storage Solutions

Purse Storage Solutions

If you are like me you are in dire need of purse storage solutions!  I have so many purses it’s not even funny and with 2 little girls following me around they have several each as well.  I have a bench in my house that becomes the dump area for everyone’s stuff and I needed something to clear up the clutter and store all our purses and bags.  When I was given the opportunity to review the Pursenal Butler I couldn’t have been happier.  Finally something to help de-clutter my house!

Stylish Home Decor

I am always looking for stylish home decor so when my Pursenal Butler arrived it was the perfect addition to our home.  It’s made of wrought iron and comes in Black, Pink, Silver, Antique White and Brown.  I ordered black because it is for my foyer area and my accents in that area are black. You can adjust the height of the Pursenal Butler which is perfect because I can lower it for the kids to put their backpacks on.  It holds up to 12 purses, shopping bags or backpacks up to 100 lbs!  That is some serious weight it can hold…but come to think of it most purses weigh a ton…why do we carry around such heavy loads, ladies??!!  It has 3 elegant arms that hold 4 purses each and has a solid base of 4 scratch resistant feet.  My favorite part is the purse accent on top that is also the handle so it can be moved from room to room with ease.  The total weight of the Pursenal Butler (without additional purses) is 6 lbs.  It stands up straight and is very sturdy, its made very well.  I have no worry of it tipping over on my little ones.  You can purchase a Pursenal Butler for $69.99.

Not only would a Pursenal Butler be perfect for your home, it would be a great item to have in the office or at the salon.  It keeps your purses and bags off the floor which is infested with germs.  This helps avoid you transferring germs from place to place on your purse!  This has been a great addition to our home both for the added decor and functionality!  It would be a perfect gift for the holidays for that special women in your life!  Check them out on Facebook for more information!


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