Ride Ons For Kids PlasmaCar Sweepstakes

Ride Ons For Kids

Ride Ons For Kids

Since I had my first daughter 5 years ago, I am always looking for the next best toy.  With so many ride ons for kids to choose from, a parent can get overwhelmed.  I like to find new and unique toys for them.  Something you don’t see everyday.  My youngest is not quite ready for a bike, she’s not getting the pedaling concept down unlike her sister at the same age.  Everyone is getting tired of pushing her around and we want something for her to be able to do on her own.  When I was given the opportunity to review the PlasmaCar I was overjoyed and just in time for Christmas at that!

Playing Outside With Kids

Playing Outside With Kids

In the age of technology, most kids are inside playing video games, playing outside with kids is so important.  They need fresh air, sunlight, exercise and time to explore the world around them riding bikes!  When my PlasmaCar package arrived I was excited to see which one we received.  Ours is red with black accents but they also come in pink, purple, blue and yellow.  The assembly was easy and my husband had it together in about 10 minutes.  Always a kid at heart he had to try it out…I was thinking oh no your going to break it!!  But it held his 200+lbs with not a worry in the world.  He was off and racing around the driveway like he was 5 and my oldest daughter was begging for a turn.  She took a whirl on it and confirmed that her little sister would indeed love it and be able to operate it on her own.

It has a great contoured seat for backsides of any size as we tested!  The area to rest your feet is very comfortable and the steering wheel it a nice size for both big and small hands.  It is awesome because all you have to do is sit and start steering and the PlasmaCar moves on its own, talk about perfect!  It’s amazing that the inventors were able to use physics to create this awesome ride on.  It’s slated for ages 36 months to age 10, so my girls will use this for years and years to come.  The ride is smooth and even with the sharpest turns it remains stable and upright.  I have to admit I thought it might flip over but I was blown away at how easily is turned with not even a teeter in sight!  It is very low maintenance with no chains, pedals or batteries to replace.  A major bonus is that it can be used inside or outside, we live in Florida and the summer can get pretty brutal so this will be perfect to play with inside on those hot and steamy days!  My only real issue with this product is that I have to buy 2 more so everyone can have one!  You can purchase a PlasmaCar for $69.99.  I know my little one will love it just as much we did come Christmas morning!  PlaSmart Inc also carries: Perplexus, PlasmaBike and Smart Mat.  Check them out on Facebook for more product information!



  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Love the Plasma cars in any colors. I think these are awesome and love that even adults can ride on them

  2. Kimberly Bauer says:

    I love the Pink PlasmaCar.

  3. The Plasma Car looks like SO much fun and my kids would like Purple!

  4. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love the Purple PlamsaCar!

  5. cindy caudle says:

    I like the red and black car

  6. I like the red plasma car

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  7. Laura Miller says:

    My favorite product is the PlasmaCar in Purple!

  8. I like the red one.

  9. my 4 year old grandson would love the red or blue plasma car-what fun!

  10. christine jessamine says:

    i love the yellow plasma car

  11. I like the yellow PlasmaCar

  12. My favorite product is the blue PlasmaCar.

  13. Birdie Skolfield says:

    I love the Red Plasma Bike its so cool

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